A Big First Step

Yikes, a first post. This sets the scene for the whole blog huh, well bear with me I’m a little blog baby.

Recently, I was like almost every other college girl, sitting on my couch watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. A special I have watched the past few years. Last year was an interesting time in my life, and I remember saying to a guy friend of mine, here’s to wanting to be anorexic after watching this. That used to be my mindset, skinny, bones, was attractive and attaining that would make me happy. HA! Was I wrong, but I am thankful for that brief moment of thought, come January in my search of ways to become skinnier, I found the Tone It Up girls, if you don’t know who they are click… HERE! In the processes of the last year, I’ve learned that building lean tone muscle makes me look, feel, and preform better. So this year I am sitting on my couch, and I see these beautiful models and unlike last year, I find the ones who workout like boxing, yoga, weights, and have muscle tone are the sexier girls rather than the ones that are skin and bones. Yes, they make me want to go to the gym, and eat healthier. To get their glow in their skin and their muscle tone, not to starve myself and over exercise myself, what good will that do me. That is what I am here to share with all of you, my healthy ways. I am no where near perfect, especially with my love for treats. Welcoming you into my life, and hopefully bringing you along my fit life journey.

Here goes nothing!



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