Nice to Meet You!

I guess the next item on the list of things to do is introduce myself. I won’t go into long boring detail because I’m sure what will really count is what i say in the upcoming posts, but hey, fundamentals are the building blocks of fun, at least thats what Uptown Girls taught me…

My Name is Jenn and I’m freshly 21. Yikes, is it bad that saying that makes me feel old? Or miss the days where I did nothing but color and think my 21 year old brother was the coolest person ever.. But the coloring part hasn’t changed. Anyways!

I’m a College Student, working my butt of as a Finance and Economics double major. I feel as though I am one of the few college students who cares about the gym, and eating right, although most girls are still on the idea that they go to the gym to get skinny, and work off that slice of cake they had for dinner.  I am gluten and dairy free, most of the time, sometimes I just can’t resist, but I always regret it later. This is because I have allergies to both. I am a lover of all things chocolate, and fruits. I have a boyfriend, and a crazy family. For the most part thats all you really need to know, because everything else will be told when you need to know it, but my life is really told in pictures so here we go! 🙂

 this is me in my recent favorite dress

My pretty roommates, or some of them, oh who i see every morning

my new baby Sophie, the recent love of my life, she’s also a demon 

This is my best friend (on the right) , there are two others, but she takes the cake


As I mentioned, I’m a college student, and this blog has recently made me happy, but its finals time, so posts won’t come often, forgive me!




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