How To Survive Finals

Finals, I’m procrastinating at the thought of them.

Its typically the time of the year where my diet goes to hell, like no joke, jellybeans, clementines, energy drinks, for the whole week. I wish I was kidding. Last semester I took a different approach, I slept, I drank my H20, I made lists, I ate real food, and I worked out. I felt great, and somewhat of a brainiac.

Tips for keeping sane over finals, or even a super busy work week

1. Take 15 mins, and think about the week ahead, what time you have things. Make lists
Homework Left to Do
Days & Times of Finals
Tasks to Study
Life Tasks

Be practical, and then after you have all that think about what times you can make it to the dinning hall for which meals. For the meals you can’t make it to the dinning hall, pick out what you want to eat, Ie, granola and almond milk, grapefruit pomegranate are all my favorites. Go to the grocery store, stock up. Also we all snack during study time, let’s make some smart choices, jelly beans are good, but trust me, they give you a killer belly ache. Dried fruit, roasted seaweed, almonds are my personal favorites, keep it low in sugar which will make you crash. Also coconut water is a good way to keep hydrated.

2. Exercise

We all get stressed out, its proven that raising that heart rate is a great way to reduce stress. It actually helps studying, I know it sounds funny. It sounds crazy but wake up early, put the snooze button across the room… go run, come back and read over your notes its an excellent way to cram.

Good Exercise Ideas:
Obviously I recommend the Tone It Up girls, because who wouldn’t want to look like them?
They’re quick and effective

Other Favorite YouTube Trainers,
Amanda Russell Fitness

And my part two of exercise

Get Your Stretch On, Yoga Yoga Yoga
Even if you just start your morning with some deep breaths and stretches, it’ll do nothing but relax and benefit you! – Check out Tara Stiles Yoga on Youtube! 🙂

Plan some chunks of time to get into the gym along with your lists. Its never an easy thing to balance it all. Try to get some sit-ups and pushups and stretches in each day as the very minimum, or my favorite the toothbrush workout…

.. to my roommates reading this you don’t know but theres a toothbrush workout

10 knee raises, each side
10 squats
20 lunges
10 squats
10 knee raises each side

it fits into the time it takes my sonic care toothbrush to brush my pearly whites

good lucks my loves xoxo


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