Finding that Motivation

Oh the snooze button, you are my best friend, and my worse enemy.

One this that is my biggest challenge is getting myself to the gym. I feel so much better if I do it right when I get up, I find if I wait until later in the day, I find more excuses not to go. However, with 8 am class, well the gym in the morning is kind of hard. So what keeps me motivated.

1. Partners.
I am never one to bail out on set plans, I just can’t do it. Luckily I live next to two boys who love the gym as much as I do. I’ve introduced them to the morning sesh and they love it. I make plans with them, on days I don’t have 8 ams and we go and get a good hour in, have an omelet for breakfast and break off to go shower and get to class!

2. Don’t Waste Your $$
This summer I was a proud member of Crossfit Full Potential. The monthly fee was pretty heafty but I got a killer workout which I loved. I also worked 50-60 hours a week. So it was the 630 am class I had to be at. I never missed it, because I knew if I didn’t go I’d never get that class back that I paid for with my hard earned money. …. If only I felt that way about my 8am’s….

3. Plan your week out
Every week, or every other week I try to sit down and plan everything out for the next week or two weeks. I’ve got lots of lists. Life (errands and such), homework, meals, andd workouts. Having a plan on what I work on each days keeps me motivated not to miss because then I will feel behind, and well, thats the worse.

4. Create Goals
Creating goals for yourself is important and every part of your life, including fitness. Start small, even if it’s “If I get to the gym everyday this week, I can treat myself to _____ on Sunday” or if I achieve a certain goal or time at the gym you can get new sneaks or something. It becomes a game, which everyone loves.

5. Get Your Sleep
Maybe if I just got to bed on time I wouldn’t want to push that button so bad. (hmm, what a thought, maybe I should get off pinterest)

6. Get Crafty
The Tone it Up girl’s encouraged us to make a vision board, mines right next to my door so I can see it every time I leave, I’m hoping to make another over winter break, but here’s my current one.

Hope You Guys are surveying this season with sanity!
I am finally on winter break so hopefully my posts will come more often! If you have any ideas let me know! 🙂


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