The Best Christmas Present Ever

So… I’ve said it before, I am gluten-intolerant, and well its not so easy for me. I miss my Sunday morning bagels, yum blueberry πŸ™‚ But its okay! I’ve found some very good substitutes/ cut a lot out of my diet. But there are some things that I miss of course.

I babysit regularly for two different families, both I love very much and would do anything for. However, they both are very very different. One of the families I babysit for the mom is very organized, she has to be with twin baby girls, who are adorable by the way. She too has had to eat gluten free due to one of her girls being intolerant as well. I always find the yummiest, healthier, and usually g-free snacks there. Well today was my last morning with them for a while due to Christmas, and a change in schedule next semester. I hope to continue with them but probably not as regularly as I have. So I got this beautiful big box from her, the sweetest thing… and inside… I found all these goodies….. ALL GLUTEN FREE! πŸ™‚ No words can describe how happy I was, it was the most thoughtful thing ever!

The Whole Package πŸ™‚


Mac and Cheese πŸ™‚Β 


Pancake Mix , btw all the Bobs Red Mill products are AMAZING!


All Purpose Flour!


Oreo’s πŸ™‚


Pasta πŸ™‚Β ImageImage


I’m so excited to try all these new goodies, and I’m so thankful!


One Last Thought: We all are so lucky and many of us forget that during this season as we get frustrated not being able to find a parking spot at the store we’re going into, so take a moment and realize how lucky we all are, to have jobs, to be able to give these gifts to others, and for the gifts we receive. What if tomorrow we only woke up with the things we thanked God for?

xox do big things today!Β 


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