Hi All!

I’m writing away from my usual cold Boston area, and I’m on the other side in the warmer but still chilly San Francisco. After a long night of delays we finally made it, at about 4 am East Coast time. So often airport food can be a killer but I came prepared! bringing-

my favorite, Granny Smith Apple 🙂
-CalNatural Cappichino protien shake
-think thin bar

I’ll be the first to admit I might have had a few of my moms good and plenty but I was glad to steer clear of salty greasy airport food! But the lesson I learned…

That protein shake? Yah, should have drank that on the ride to the airport and not waited until 3 seconds before going through security ( I thought if it was still sealed I’d get through security, nope)

But alas I made it, my day today has been off food wise because of the long travel and time change, but oh well I’ll get it down!

I got in a run this morning, which was a nice way to see the sights! My brother has an incredible view of the bridge in this apartment , lucky boy

Stay tuned for a trip rehash! and Pictures! 🙂


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