New Years

Ah New Year, new you? That seems to be the title of every magazine cover… But how many of us set goals and never achieve them, theres nothing fun about that.

As you all know I’m traveling and  I was at my brothers gym and there was this on the mirror..


Yeah, Sounds about right.

While I am setting some big goals for 2012, I have big expectations, but I am hoping to achieve those lofty by setting small monthly goals and plans! So here’s my example!

Goal: Be more fit and healthy

Reason: I’ve always been thin but I want to clean up my diet, and gain some more muscle and get rid of the skinny fat, here are my first 3 months of plans 🙂 I figure plans are good but I will need to reevaluate in a few months to be able to push myself the best.

January: Kick up Workouts / Drink More Water

Since my workouts have been low key I am coming back from my vacation and jumping back into Crossfit, and I have a 10 class pack to a studio which offers all sorts of classes, core barre and trx are two I want to try. Then I plan on starting Insanity once I head back to school.

Also another small goal, put more water in my system! I have such phases about drinking sometimes I’m overly hydrated and others i’m super dehydrated. Water = good for you!


More Veggies! Longer Runs, also find a race to sign up for!

Fruits have never been a problem for me to get, veggies I like, but want to add some more! I’ve been working on my running, I want to achieve an easy 5 mile runs by spring so start increasing distance now !


Cut Sugar

Okay, secrets out I might have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, for reals its out of control. I need to find better ways to naturally satisfy my sweet tooth. I’m the first to reach for a candy bar, and once and a while thats not bad but it definitely needs to decrease!

Also in 2012 I want to
-bring up my GPA in school, not that its bad but I think I can do better
– find an internship
– make my wardrobe a little more adult like
– practice my patience, try to gain a little more 😉
– realize that working is good, but make more time for a little relaxation!


Here’s to a healthy more balanced 2012.

What are your goals?!



Do Big Things Today!



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