Monday Blues

I’m not one of those people who constantly complain about Mondays. In a weird twisted way, I sort of like them. My schedule is so thrown off because of the weekend that I welcome the return to routine. However, I have a funny feeling this semester won’t feel that way. In high school getting up early was easy, in the summer once again easy and enjoyable… theres something about 8 am class that makes it impossible. 8am Corporate Finance class makes it even less easy, my brain just doesn’t work that early. Ugh, so anyways! Sorry on the lack of posts, the semester gave no time to ease in, I’m buried in homework.


How do I beat these Monday Blues.. ?

Just kidding, I wish…

I’m hitting the road! A nice long run! And…

The best, and maybe a little nap before back to the grind πŸ˜‰

How are all you all doing on this freezzzzing Monday?


Playlist! :)

Music = a necessity when it comes to the gym. Wether running or lifting music keeps me going! I like to think I have good taste but one thing I do know is having the longest playlist possible means that I’m guaranteed to like the music, and don’t need to make a new one every time I’m off to the gym so here’s my recent favorite playlist πŸ™‚


Day one of some 5k trainer and totally body workout today! What are you doing today?! πŸ™‚

Do Big Things!


Kicked the Resolution?

So I just got back from the gym, the first time since going back to school… to say the least, ugh. I love that everyone has healthy resolutions, thats what we all preach and our goal is right? However, it was packed, not the way I like it. So mornings it is! Where my runs are peaceful.

But anyways I’ve been training for a 5k so my 5k trainer on my phone is my biggest tool, and my killer playlist. I didn’t get much of a weight workout in because the dance team took up the room where i usually lift and use the stability ball and all the other machines were packed so I went back to my room and did some plyometrics and saved my bootcamp routine for the morning!

Anyways! One of my biggest struggles is having a schedule. I feel like the boys have it easy, their schedules are easy to make but I feel like “girl workouts” make that a little difficult so I developed a schedule, a 10 day rotation that once you finish you just start over again!














Β Total Body












5K Trainer


5K Trainer


5K Trainer



5K Trainer




Off to order my books! Workout playlist coming tomorrow, be prepared its an amazing one!

How do you struggle keeping your resolution?/ Have you sticked to it?


Do Big Things!

Core Barre

Hi All!

So tonight I tried something new, which is always good to switch things up a bit. I had bought a 10 class pack to a local studio which has been burning a hole in my pocket, every time I would plan to go something would come up. So tonight was my night! I finally made it to a Core Barre Class!

Some thoughts…

The teacher was amazing, so adorable Β and encouraging. The class itself was great a fun atmosphere!

um, holy cow am I going to be sore, my ballet training from age 3 didn’t even prepare me for this!

But seriously, it was an amazing workout! I walked in and she handed me two pound weights. Me in my head goes “um I can clean a good 85-100 lbs, I think I can handle more than 2 lbs” Β Oh was I wrong, I was dying, but in a totally good way! It was amazing my legs were shaking and pushed me in a way I haven’t been pushing myself recently. I really want to try to get in again before heading back to school. And for a chocolate Cal Naturale after was just icing on the cake!

I think it is really important to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Also, I’m putting together a new program for myself and a few TIU friends πŸ™‚ Look for that post later this week!


Do Big Things!

I guess its about time…

I share my trip to San Fran with you all.. I’ve been holding off mostly because I’m a little ashamed how few pictures I took,whoops!

Oh well, the trip was mostly based on my mom being able to see my brother (daww) so it was lots of hanging around and eating a lot of food…. but there are some stories to be told.

So my mom thinks its a great idea to google activities to do, and usually these ideas turn out in total disaster but its a mothers fashion to forget all past disasters and do it on every trip. Day one of San Francisco she deciders she wants to go see the Red Woods… A seemingly good idea. So we embarked!

Bosco and I in the back seat of course.. she’s patiently watching her daddy drive πŸ™‚ Although the Red Woods aren’t too far from San Fran (much closer than Boston πŸ˜‰ ) it wasn’t the shortest ride, and good thing Big Brother learned how to navigate S curves, because the whole ride was S curve after S curve… oh, with cliffs, yippee! My mother was having a heart attack, she likes neither of these, nor fast driving which brother is a pro at as well… and we finally arrived

And by the time my mom realized it was a walking adventure (she can’t walk for too long) …. we walked in, she used the bathroom, and we left.. yep kid you not, but i did snag this picture of a tree…

Thats about all, then back to the S curves and cliffs! But the views were amazing!!

We even got Momma C to stand on a cliff!…


Needless to say, she didn’t google much for the rest of the trip πŸ˜‰

But After that it was a lot of hill running and…

And a good amount of real and window shopping, i.e., me drooling at Tiffany’s πŸ˜‰ And Nike….



But I’ve grown to be a little jealous of the big brother… he wakes up to this every morning…

And has a LuLu Lemon 2 blocks away, hard life!


But I was happy to see this pumpkin waiting for me!



That about sums it up! πŸ™‚ A nice 4 days off from reality!




Okay Let’s have a Chat…

As I told you all in my first post, I’m an Finance and Economics major, it isn’t too challenging for me to become number obsessed, and I’m a girl so its very easy for me to become number obsessed when found on…

The Scale…

I have been a victim of this too, if I just loose a few more pounds, I’ll be happy.. . It’s time to get real, that number we see on the scale isn’t always the best indicator of how we look, feel, and especially preform.

Just as I was planning this post, look what I stumbled upon to only prove my point. (Not me BTW)

Which one would you rather be? Sure, I may rather see the number on the left, but I’d rather look like the one on the right. You always here “muscle weighs more than fat.” Which I kind of agree with, a pound is a pound, but muscle it more dense than fat, so you can be tighter and leaner, but may weigh more than if you were blubb πŸ™‚ Worry about your measurements, and body fat % which takes into account all aspects, because that number you see on the scale isn’t just how much your fat weighs, its your skin, hair, fat, muscles, bones, organs, blood, yeah you get the idea. So don’t obsess over the number you see on the scale.


Also, girls, you aren’t going to bulk up from using one of these…

I promise you, you won’t turn into …



There are plenty of women who lift, heavier than 10lbs, and don’t bulk up!

Take a look at some of the girls in this Crossfit video!

Or even one of my biggest inspiration’s Katrina from Tone It Up


I said in my first post, the Victoria Secret Models all have awesome hair, skin and faces… but what set apart the girls from the ones who are the most well known and in a lot of our eyes the best ones, they all were lean and toned, not stick thin and bones.

So eat, keep it clean but eat girls! Starving yourself won’t get you anywhere! And pick up those weights at the gym! They aren’t just for boys!


Do Big Things!



PS. sugar cleanse update, its not too bad! I might have cheated? I had a chocolate protein shake from cal naturale, I figure its a healthy cheat and not eating candy?


How are your resolutions going?

Is that a Challenge?

So having a boyfriend who knows a lot about sports can be humorous sometimes. One day I was watching some sort of Kardashian show when he saw Lamar… He immediately goes you wanna hear something funny..

me“yeah sure”
cam “there was a survey done of NBA players and their addictions..”
me “uhh okay annnd”
cam “guess Lamar’s”
me “umm idk hookers?”
cam “nope….. candy”
me “i like him more already his hearts in the right place”Β 

But really my small love has gotten out of control. So I’m taking a tactical approach to get it under control. A 3 week plan! Since going cold turkey doesn’t help for me, I end up binging hardcore. We all know there’s two types of sweets : Chocolate and Fruity types

Week 1 :Β no chocolate, but this doesn’t mean I can go HAM on the fruity stuff

Week 2: Β no fruity sweets, again HAM not allowed on chocolate

Week 3: Β no sweets at all

Here we go embarking on a journey, just in the time for the end of my winter break. Sugar they say is more addicting than cocaine, which I mean not that I would do cocaine, but it makes me feel a little better about having this addiction, but lets kick it!

What are your weaknesses standing in the way of your goals? How do you plan on kicking it, or do you?

xox Do Big Things Today!

The Crossfit Koolaid

So what is Crossfit?

This is the question I get so much, to describe what it is… My first reaction is, its hard to describe you really have to try it.. but that turns people off because people are naturally lazy, I being one of them, I want to decide if I think I’ll like it before I try it so I have less of a chance of wasting my time..

That being said I would say it combine strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility all into one. The workouts are always mixing up so its rarely the same, there are some that are well known throughout crossfit, usually my gym throws them into the lineup every so often so we can track our progress. Click HERE to Β see a video of what I think best describes it.

So for example I just went back for the first time in a while, basically since the summer, and this was the workout we had… the workout of the day (WOD)

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

AMRAP in 15 minutes with a Partner (one works/one rests):

12 KB Swings
12 Box Jumps
12 Burpees

*AMRAP means as many rounds as possible

I worked up to a front squat of 105lbs, and my partner and I got 11 rounds in 15 mins! πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of the gym doing the WOD

I’m right in the front right in the red mid KB swing! the Gym is packed! New Year’s Resolutioners? πŸ˜‰

What I like about Crossfit is I have been pushed in ways I’ve never pushed myself, I used to just workout with alb dumbbells and my coach Danny laughs and gives me heavier ones, I can almost squat my weight now, and I have realized my true strength. I love the atmosphere of the gym, we are all there struggling through the same workout pushing and encouraging each other, and secretly it feeds my competitive nature because I want to be able to push myself further like everyone else, even though no one is forcing me to compete. …. and the stellar results aren’t a bad byproduct πŸ˜‰ The longer you do it the better you get, and the better the results πŸ˜‰

I think the major con about Crossfit is the reputation it has that everyone who does it thinks they’re better than everyone else, false! and that we do things unsafely, Danny is always around correcting our posture and bad habits to make it the safest most effective workout, like any other trainer would do at any other gym. Another for me personally is the price, being a college student its not the most affordable thing ever, hence why I only do it when I’m on vacations, I know its worth every penny, one day I won’t have to think so much about the fees….haha…

Have any of you ever tried Crossfit? Reactions?


Do Big Things!

I’m Back!!

I’m back from Sannn Franncisco!

I have a post coming up with some pictures, I didn’t take as many as I would have liked, but oh well.

Anyways this is a bit of an extension to my New Year’s Post.

I want to try to stay more organized this year, I have a tendency to spread myself a little thin, and calendars help me stay on track. I also have some big workout goals this year so what better time to start than now!

I have a cork board behind my computer at home and this is what it currently looks like!Β 

Calendars! These are my workout calendars, luckily for me I have most of this month off from school so work and school calendars aren’t too necessary seeing as my work schedule doesn’t change!

There are two calendar’s the Tone It Up Janurary New Year Challenge one…


And then my daily personal workouts schedule… apparently I wanted to start strong, and then you can see I start the Insanity Program on the 12th! πŸ™‚ I also want to keep running and increase my endurance because as I said before, I want to be a runner so bad, and I’m built like a runner, but I don’t feel like I’m there yet. So… here is my personal daily calendar

And so the epic January Begins! Lets see if I can walk by the end, yikes!

Also, today I tried the gluten free mac and cheese that I received as a gift a week ago…

this guy..

And my reaction…. I only made half, because that’s all I’d be able to eat with some veggies for a lunch, so I halved everything out, it cooks a lot faster than the box tells you, so make sure you keep checking the noodles… overall it was good, you can barely tell it was g-free, however the downfall was my own mistake, since I was making everything half, I probably should have halved the amount of milk to mix the cheese with, so you know I wouldn’t have soupy mac and cheese…. hopefully I do better next time! But overall it was a nice treat ! πŸ™‚

Well I’m off to spend my afternoon with some green tea and puppy madness! the back at organizing tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Crossfit tonight, should be fun!


What are your goals for this year and how are you planning on not just making them a nice idea and reality instead?!


Do Big Things Today!