I’m Back!!

I’m back from Sannn Franncisco!

I have a post coming up with some pictures, I didn’t take as many as I would have liked, but oh well.

Anyways this is a bit of an extension to my New Year’s Post.

I want to try to stay more organized this year, I have a tendency to spread myself a little thin, and calendars help me stay on track. I also have some big workout goals this year so what better time to start than now!

I have a cork board behind my computer at home and this is what it currently looks like! 

Calendars! These are my workout calendars, luckily for me I have most of this month off from school so work and school calendars aren’t too necessary seeing as my work schedule doesn’t change!

There are two calendar’s the Tone It Up Janurary New Year Challenge one…


And then my daily personal workouts schedule… apparently I wanted to start strong, and then you can see I start the Insanity Program on the 12th! 🙂 I also want to keep running and increase my endurance because as I said before, I want to be a runner so bad, and I’m built like a runner, but I don’t feel like I’m there yet. So… here is my personal daily calendar

And so the epic January Begins! Lets see if I can walk by the end, yikes!

Also, today I tried the gluten free mac and cheese that I received as a gift a week ago…

this guy..

And my reaction…. I only made half, because that’s all I’d be able to eat with some veggies for a lunch, so I halved everything out, it cooks a lot faster than the box tells you, so make sure you keep checking the noodles… overall it was good, you can barely tell it was g-free, however the downfall was my own mistake, since I was making everything half, I probably should have halved the amount of milk to mix the cheese with, so you know I wouldn’t have soupy mac and cheese…. hopefully I do better next time! But overall it was a nice treat ! 🙂

Well I’m off to spend my afternoon with some green tea and puppy madness! the back at organizing tomorrow! 🙂

Crossfit tonight, should be fun!


What are your goals for this year and how are you planning on not just making them a nice idea and reality instead?!


Do Big Things Today!


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