The Crossfit Koolaid

So what is Crossfit?

This is the question I get so much, to describe what it is… My first reaction is, its hard to describe you really have to try it.. but that turns people off because people are naturally lazy, I being one of them, I want to decide if I think I’ll like it before I try it so I have less of a chance of wasting my time..

That being said I would say it combine strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility all into one. The workouts are always mixing up so its rarely the same, there are some that are well known throughout crossfit, usually my gym throws them into the lineup every so often so we can track our progress. Click HERE to  see a video of what I think best describes it.

So for example I just went back for the first time in a while, basically since the summer, and this was the workout we had… the workout of the day (WOD)

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

AMRAP in 15 minutes with a Partner (one works/one rests):

12 KB Swings
12 Box Jumps
12 Burpees

*AMRAP means as many rounds as possible

I worked up to a front squat of 105lbs, and my partner and I got 11 rounds in 15 mins! 🙂

Here is a picture of the gym doing the WOD

I’m right in the front right in the red mid KB swing! the Gym is packed! New Year’s Resolutioners? 😉

What I like about Crossfit is I have been pushed in ways I’ve never pushed myself, I used to just workout with alb dumbbells and my coach Danny laughs and gives me heavier ones, I can almost squat my weight now, and I have realized my true strength. I love the atmosphere of the gym, we are all there struggling through the same workout pushing and encouraging each other, and secretly it feeds my competitive nature because I want to be able to push myself further like everyone else, even though no one is forcing me to compete. …. and the stellar results aren’t a bad byproduct 😉 The longer you do it the better you get, and the better the results 😉

I think the major con about Crossfit is the reputation it has that everyone who does it thinks they’re better than everyone else, false! and that we do things unsafely, Danny is always around correcting our posture and bad habits to make it the safest most effective workout, like any other trainer would do at any other gym. Another for me personally is the price, being a college student its not the most affordable thing ever, hence why I only do it when I’m on vacations, I know its worth every penny, one day I won’t have to think so much about the fees….haha…

Have any of you ever tried Crossfit? Reactions?


Do Big Things!


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