Is that a Challenge?

So having a boyfriend who knows a lot about sports can be humorous sometimes. One day I was watching some sort of Kardashian show when he saw Lamar… He immediately goes you wanna hear something funny..

me“yeah sure”
cam “there was a survey done of NBA players and their addictions..”
me “uhh okay annnd”
cam “guess Lamar’s”
me “umm idk hookers?”
cam “nope….. candy”
me “i like him more already his hearts in the right place” 

But really my small love has gotten out of control. So I’m taking a tactical approach to get it under control. A 3 week plan! Since going cold turkey doesn’t help for me, I end up binging hardcore. We all know there’s two types of sweets : Chocolate and Fruity types

Week 1 : no chocolate, but this doesn’t mean I can go HAM on the fruity stuff

Week 2:  no fruity sweets, again HAM not allowed on chocolate

Week 3:  no sweets at all

Here we go embarking on a journey, just in the time for the end of my winter break. Sugar they say is more addicting than cocaine, which I mean not that I would do cocaine, but it makes me feel a little better about having this addiction, but lets kick it!

What are your weaknesses standing in the way of your goals? How do you plan on kicking it, or do you?

xox Do Big Things Today!


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