Okay Let’s have a Chat…

As I told you all in my first post, I’m an Finance and Economics major, it isn’t too challenging for me to become number obsessed, and I’m a girl so its very easy for me to become number obsessed when found on…

The Scale…

I have been a victim of this too, if I just loose a few more pounds, I’ll be happy.. . It’s time to get real, that number we see on the scale isn’t always the best indicator of how we look, feel, and especially preform.

Just as I was planning this post, look what I stumbled upon to only prove my point. (Not me BTW)

Which one would you rather be? Sure, I may rather see the number on the left, but I’d rather look like the one on the right. You always here “muscle weighs more than fat.” Which I kind of agree with, a pound is a pound, but muscle it more dense than fat, so you can be tighter and leaner, but may weigh more than if you were blubb 🙂 Worry about your measurements, and body fat % which takes into account all aspects, because that number you see on the scale isn’t just how much your fat weighs, its your skin, hair, fat, muscles, bones, organs, blood, yeah you get the idea. So don’t obsess over the number you see on the scale.


Also, girls, you aren’t going to bulk up from using one of these…

I promise you, you won’t turn into …



There are plenty of women who lift, heavier than 10lbs, and don’t bulk up!

Take a look at some of the girls in this Crossfit video!

Or even one of my biggest inspiration’s Katrina from Tone It Up


I said in my first post, the Victoria Secret Models all have awesome hair, skin and faces… but what set apart the girls from the ones who are the most well known and in a lot of our eyes the best ones, they all were lean and toned, not stick thin and bones.

So eat, keep it clean but eat girls! Starving yourself won’t get you anywhere! And pick up those weights at the gym! They aren’t just for boys!


Do Big Things!



PS. sugar cleanse update, its not too bad! I might have cheated? I had a chocolate protein shake from cal naturale, I figure its a healthy cheat and not eating candy?


How are your resolutions going?


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