I guess its about time…

I share my trip to San Fran with you all.. I’ve been holding off mostly because I’m a little ashamed how few pictures I took,whoops!

Oh well, the trip was mostly based on my mom being able to see my brother (daww) so it was lots of hanging around and eating a lot of food…. but there are some stories to be told.

So my mom thinks its a great idea to google activities to do, and usually these ideas turn out in total disaster but its a mothers fashion to forget all past disasters and do it on every trip. Day one of San Francisco she deciders she wants to go see the Red Woods… A seemingly good idea. So we embarked!

Bosco and I in the back seat of course.. she’s patiently watching her daddy drive 🙂 Although the Red Woods aren’t too far from San Fran (much closer than Boston 😉 ) it wasn’t the shortest ride, and good thing Big Brother learned how to navigate S curves, because the whole ride was S curve after S curve… oh, with cliffs, yippee! My mother was having a heart attack, she likes neither of these, nor fast driving which brother is a pro at as well… and we finally arrived

And by the time my mom realized it was a walking adventure (she can’t walk for too long) …. we walked in, she used the bathroom, and we left.. yep kid you not, but i did snag this picture of a tree…

Thats about all, then back to the S curves and cliffs! But the views were amazing!!

We even got Momma C to stand on a cliff!…


Needless to say, she didn’t google much for the rest of the trip 😉

But After that it was a lot of hill running and…

And a good amount of real and window shopping, i.e., me drooling at Tiffany’s 😉 And Nike….



But I’ve grown to be a little jealous of the big brother… he wakes up to this every morning…

And has a LuLu Lemon 2 blocks away, hard life!


But I was happy to see this pumpkin waiting for me!



That about sums it up! 🙂 A nice 4 days off from reality!





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