Core Barre

Hi All!

So tonight I tried something new, which is always good to switch things up a bit. I had bought a 10 class pack to a local studio which has been burning a hole in my pocket, every time I would plan to go something would come up. So tonight was my night! I finally made it to a Core Barre Class!

Some thoughts…

The teacher was amazing, so adorable  and encouraging. The class itself was great a fun atmosphere!

um, holy cow am I going to be sore, my ballet training from age 3 didn’t even prepare me for this!

But seriously, it was an amazing workout! I walked in and she handed me two pound weights. Me in my head goes “um I can clean a good 85-100 lbs, I think I can handle more than 2 lbs”  Oh was I wrong, I was dying, but in a totally good way! It was amazing my legs were shaking and pushed me in a way I haven’t been pushing myself recently. I really want to try to get in again before heading back to school. And for a chocolate Cal Naturale after was just icing on the cake!

I think it is really important to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Also, I’m putting together a new program for myself and a few TIU friends 🙂 Look for that post later this week!


Do Big Things!


2 thoughts on “Core Barre

  1. I wish there was a place here to try this! I’ve heard so many amazing things. The closest thing we have is a Ballet Fit class at out school rec but it conflicts with my classes.

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