Guest Post from Peggi!

Hi All!
Please welcome Peggi! She is the woman I send my Foodiepenpal package too. Her is her reaction and photos!

I received my “Foodie Penpal” package on Friday, 2/17/12 – I was so excited!! In todays world getting mail is a treat, especially a package!! 

Upon opening my penpal package from Jenn I was greeted with super cute cut out hearts with messages on them.  The white hearts contained my penpal letter plus explanations of each item in my box.  The red hearts included 2 recipes – one for protein pancakes and the other for protein bars.

  The protein bar recipe was a recipe of Jamie Eason’s!  What is funny about this is that I LOVE Jamie Eason and actually have her as a friend on Facebook plus, she lives here in Houston and goes to my gym.  So it is really cool that this recipe was one in my box! BONUS! 

Once I started going thru my box and reading the notes to go with them, I got more and more excited.  Jenn really hit my likes on the spot!  The first thing I came across was a can of Coconut Water, which made me smile.  I had been wanting to try this FOREVER, but never bought it.  Jenn made sure to mention in her note that it is a great after workout/run beverage.  I haven’t tried it yet but I have it in the fridge ready to go! 

Next came the box of YUMMY Nut Thins……OMG, I love these things but had never gotten to try the Smokehouse flavor and that was the one in my box… could not have been a more perfect treat to include in there.  They are almost gone already and YES folks I did break into them that day!

  Larabars were included and I LOVE those suckers……An Odwalla Bar was in there, which I have never tried, but am anxious to try it ASAP!  I relaxing tea was also included which I have never tried and plan to try soon J

  Finally, the freshly made honey roasted peanut butter and the mini pkg of Almond Butter rounded out my box.  I had never tried Almond Butter so this was awesome.  That day I did break open the freshly made honey roaster peanut butter and wowza, that is some good stuff….I was happy just eating it with a spoon.  I just got to try the Almond Butter this week and that is some great stuff as well.

  I have to say that Jenn you hit my likes right on the nose.  I REALLY REALLY enjoyed by box from you, thank you more than you know!!!!

My FoodiePenpal!

Hi All!
So the big mystery reveal… What is a foodiepenpal?

I remember in 4th grade they paired us up with kids from another school in the district as pen pals. We would write back and forth get to know each other and finally meet. I remember it was great getting little notes!

Then I went and worked at a summer camp. Mail was like the golden ticket. Nothing made you happier than having some pieces of paper in your mail box!

Now, I’m in college. I buy things just so I feel special in opening a package, yep sad. But I mean I live 25 mins from school so my mom isn’t too keen on sending me care packages when I can just go home for *care meals*.

Anywho, when I found out about this program through my friend Annica .. her blog… here. She was presenting her foodiepenpal box from last month. Linday over at   started this program. Each month you are paired up with a person, given their e-mail and blog and a $15 spending limit. You email back and forth and get to know each other and go shopping for them! On the 15th of the month you send out your little box of goodies. Ah a care package of healthy food that I can eat??! YES PLEASE. I was instantly sold. I think my major difficulty was finding a box to send it in… didn’t think that one out. Other than that I loved every second of it and so so thrilled when my box came. Megan was the girl sending me my care package and I sent one off to Texas to a women named Peggi (she’ll be guest posting later today hence why I told you two new posts were coming your way)

Here’s what I received!

First Off.. can we talk about how cute that card is. I want to know where Megan got them from. All boxes have to include a written piece, her not was just so pleasant and cute.

Rain City Crunch. um yum . yum. yum. It granola seeds raisins all i want to say it tastes like caramelized together. I would give you better details if I maybe kept the packaging after I downed these. Sooo Yummy

In Megan’s note she made the truest comment about Bob Red Mill G-free Pancake Mix… because no one should ever be without pancakes. Ah I’ve never heard a truer statement ❤

Lemon Curd. It’s really yummy I’ve never tried Lemon Curd before I’m usually a blueberry jam type of girl. But this is a perfect complement to my super dense g-free bread I was talking about earlier.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about my box!
If you are interested in participating in March, go on over to Lindsay’s blog and email her!


Happy Monday

Hi All!

Hope everyones weekend was fabulous!
Mine was full of restaurant-ness, and homework-ness .. yah I’m a cool kid.. psych 😉 !

With such a busy class load I wanted to take a minute – or few in procrastination- to catch up with you all!
My Workouts this weekend ::
Friday! I ran, it felt good, got up before class and got a nice run in, before classy time and packing to head home for the weekend. That night I had all the intentions in the world of doing more, but I got sucked in a homework vortex and I mean, once I get started I’ve learned getting myself distracted isn’t the answer. … also I must let you all know, I went sweet-free all day! I felt so much better!

Saturday: I ran around in the restaurant all day.. that count? haha, I’m kidding. Only slightly. I woke up early and got a good circuit of cardio in real quick. Later when I finally got home after homework I did a sculpting circuit from Tone It Up, their Valentines workout, its quick and a killer

Sunday: Sundays are my personal training day!! Matt again was super helpful, we did some box squats (ouch and a half) and deadlifting  and a cardio circuit at the end again. Then it was off to the restaurant to work a double, more running around like a crazy person.

Yay for a pretty fit weekend. I’m the driver of the struggle bus today though. So tired, I rested and now I’m off to study some more finance for today, I will be a happy chica when this exam on Wednesday is over with!

My goal for today: A run with lots of stretching and yoga based activities afterwards, I’d try hot yoga today but I don’t think my body can handle the heat today. And some abs and pushups 🙂 I need a semi-recovery day after yesterday!

How was your weekend? What’d you do to keep up with your health?

To Look Forward To:
– Foodiepenpal… ah what is all this mystery? You’ll find out tomorrow, with two posts! 🙂

xox Do Big Things!

Noah Built and Arch?

40 days and 40 nights right? And all the little animals came to the arc right?

Holla lent!
So basically, I’m not Catholic, but I’ve gone to a Catholic school since the 7th grade. I think lent is a great time to better oneself. So what I am giving up!
1. candy (seeyaa sweet tooth)

2. saying bad things about myself, and if I do slip up, I must find 2 good things

3. being much striker on no gluten

So 40 days 40 nights, these are all good habits I want to gain. You can do all things through Christ right? Lets go!

Today is a busy busy day!
I have to start studying for my huge finance exam next week 😦
and do some more homework

and of course hit the gym!
Today is cardio day! I’ll do my 5k trainer and hit the bike for a while so I get in a full 60 mins of cardio! 🙂
Then I’ll definitely do an ab workout the new Amanda Russell one looks amazing and then I have a sculpt workout for Fine Tune February
no shortage of workouts here 🙂

Do you participate in lent? If so, what are your changes you are making? If not, why not use this an opportunity to change for the better?

xox Do Big Things!

A Day In the Life

Hi All!

Hope you week is off to a fantastic start. Mine is! 🙂 Minus the whole paying for my car repair fiasco but oh well 🙂

Yesterday’s Breakfast 😉 notice the tongue… this little pup has no shame

About this breakfast, thats gluten free bread from a local break maker we have up here. Oh boy was I full it was so dense. usually gfree bread is nasty but this tasted just like pumpernickel, only I wasn’t the biggest fan of the crust but I’ll take what I can get.

Also I have been moderately obsessed with minelolas lately, bigger than a clementine but have all the flavor and easy to peel, yes please!

Then my snack was…

Grapefruit! Yum Yum Yum so good. I could go on the grapefruit diet just because I love it so much, but I won’t. It also has great fat burning properties.

Then For the rest of the day it was a mishmash of foods since I was moving back into school 😦

But Before I left for school I fit in a quick For the Glow Method Workout Sculpt. I was the only one feeling it..

Someone else just wanted to snuggle.

I’m finally back at school and I woke up this morning soooooo beyond sore.

For my bootycall workout {bootycall: a term used by Tone It Up girls to call their morning workout, get up 20-30 mins earlier and move! }

I did a quick cardio circuit, a stretching routine, and a foam roller session. I feel a lot better, hopefully my run tonight will loosen me up a bit. I’m supposed to do strength tonight too, no idea what I’m doing yet but I’ll figure something out 😉

Have a Good Day Everyone!

Personal Trainer

Hi All!

Today was a fun day. I had work with my favorite crew ever. Long story short… the dumpster caught on fire. Yikes! Anyways the other waitress I work with has a very good friend who is a personal trainer and recently bought sessions in bulk with him. Well she asked me to come, so today after work thats what we did.

It was my first experience with a personal trainer, kind of. Danny who owns the cross fit gym I go to had two personal sessions with me, one to test my fitness and another to go over form that we used in class. Anyways Matt was great! We did a skill/strength based workout. We also found my max back squat 😉 more than my body weight! Not too shabby for not back squatting since this summer! Matt seemed really impressed with where I was at fitness wise. The girl I work with texted me later and said…..

( excuse the language )

We also worked on kipping pull-ups! A goal I have wanted to meet for a while! I wasn’t too bad  for my first serious time trying it… Maybe one day 😉

Also a new find I have to share with you..

Vega Protein Powder!

I have always been weary of protein powder, I never knew what to buy, or wanted to spend a lot of money to end up looking like a pro wrestler. I have had a lot of good recommendations and I picked up a few packs of these at Wholepaycheck the other day. My review: OH MY GOD… AMAZING. I mixed it with almond milk, and it literally tasted like I was drinking brownie batter. I mean who can complain about that! There is a berry and vanilla flavor. I want to try those before I decide what I want to invest in, I have little doubt that the chocolate is what I’ll settle on. For less than one gram of sugar I’ll take it. I may grab a few berry flavor to mix for a quick breakfast since it does get a little tough at school to get a well rounded breakfast in.

Hope everyones weekend was fantastic. I’m totally looking forward to the day off tomorrow!

Do Big Things!

A Little Rest

Sorry I’ve been so sporadic with my posts, sometimes I feel like my life isn’t too interesting to write a blog on everyday.


Lately I have felt so run down. Whenever I get feeling like this it always seems the worse things happen over and over. Like my car dying in the middle of the road this week, yeah super duper fun. I always try to keep things looking up even when everything seems anything but up. I think its important to count the blessings I do have on a daily basis.

So counting blessings and keeping my head up it is!

One thing I struggle with is straight up exhaustion, so I have been leaving school on the weekends and spending it at home. It has been phenomenal! One thing I do struggle with at home is working out… this summer I went to cross fit, but for the weekends its not really open when I am around. So! I had been slacking, but it has come to my attention that my slacking isn’t cutting it anymore. So tomorrow I’m getting up early throwing on a big sweatshirt and going for a run first thing. This marks my new habit, I hope that you all can keep me accountable. 🙂 I’ll be checking in everyday!

Also for todays cuteness

Little baby soph!


Tonight for a workout I did…
Best Circuit  

Amanda Russell Abs

Beach Bum

and then some squats and lunges 😉

Nothing crazy, but something is better than nothing, I did some yoga this morning as well.

Have a good weekend girls I’ll be back soon I pinky swear

And remember…




What an absolute emergency!

Hi All!

How is everyone’s weekend going? Mine is going well pretty quiet since I am spending it at home instead of school. Perfect! So what is my absolute emergency? Well you see, I loove fashion but I’m not very good at picking it out myself. I just admire everyone else’s taste. That is only half the problem. See I am starting to apply for summer internships at some of the big firms in Boston. And what do I just realize? I have nothing to wear to interviews… Or to the actual job itself. Help! Fashion friendly age appropriate work appropriate suggestions I need them desperately! my first guess is Jcrew but because of my size everything tends to fit me kinda boxy wah.

I adore this look

Is it appropriate ? Where do I shop

the horrors!

Can you help?


Sometimes I wonder about this, and then I realize if it is something that makes me, me, then not at all its being who I am


Is it selfish?

…to carve out a significant portion of your weekly budget on healthy food to stock your kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer with?

…to schedule your workouts into pieces of your day, just like anything else? Even if that means splitting them up into two workouts a day?

…to invest in the friendships and relationships in your life who support your desire to live a healthy, fit lifestyle? Who ultimately are a positive, uplifting and supportive force in your life?

…to build your life around something you are very passionate about: living your best, energized and fittest life now?

…to re-organize your schedule if it means you can make that class at your favorite gym or studio, the one that really gets your blood pumping and keeps you coming back for more?

…to take 20-30 minutes even on the busiest of days, to do something (move! skip! jump!…

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What Happens When Homework Takes Over

Yep, just about right.

School always has to come first, right? I always feel like my homework is never steady, it coming in heaping piles. Like to the point that I can’t do anything else except homework, class, and work. Maybe a little sleep in there?

… But that’s only half the story. See if I was going to school for procrastination, I’d be on the President’s list every semester. The first thing to go when I’m slammed with school work are my gym visits. And lack of exercise makes me irritable, angry, and an all around grumpy gills… not so cool.

So here is my new solution, no matter what, something active everyday. Any day that I can, fit in a fantastic workout, and I’m going to try to post more often up here what I am actually doing for a workout! 🙂 But regardless of wether its in my room, in the gym, outside, where ever, get it in. Because I waste at least 20 mins if not more in procrastinating, why not help myself while I’m at it.

To quote Elle Woods  ” Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”
…. ah love that movie!

So Anyways, today was one of those days I was studying all day, I fit in some plyometrics though 🙂

More on my flortheglow challenge!…

Kicking my butt! We had a sculpting day, and cardio and core day, and today was supposed to be sculpting but I missed it. My abs hurt when I cough.

For more information check out Jennifer here … 

On Tap for Tomorrow :
One killer workout,
Tone It Up Bootycall ( getting up early and fitting in 20-30 mins before your day) : Yoga!
Gym: 5K Run..
Crossfit WOD :



Kettlebell Swings


Mountain Climbers (4-Count)

And if I’m feeling up to it, the Memorial Day Bootcamp Tone It Up Video!

Yikes, going to be sore for sure!

Well I’m off to sleep for tonight!



Also I found this, and I love it so much !