A Little Rest

Sorry I’ve been so sporadic with my posts, sometimes I feel like my life isn’t too interesting to write a blog on everyday.


Lately I have felt so run down. Whenever I get feeling like this it always seems the worse things happen over and over. Like my car dying in the middle of the road this week, yeah super duper fun. I always try to keep things looking up even when everything seems anything but up. I think its important to count the blessings I do have on a daily basis.

So counting blessings and keeping my head up it is!

One thing I struggle with is straight up exhaustion, so I have been leaving school on the weekends and spending it at home. It has been phenomenal! One thing I do struggle with at home is working out… this summer I went to cross fit, but for the weekends its not really open when I am around. So! I had been slacking, but it has come to my attention that my slacking isn’t cutting it anymore. So tomorrow I’m getting up early throwing on a big sweatshirt and going for a run first thing. This marks my new habit, I hope that you all can keep me accountable. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be checking in everyday!

Also for todays cuteness

Little baby soph!


Tonight for a workout I did…
Best Circuit ย 

Amanda Russell Abs

Beach Bum

and then some squats and lunges ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nothing crazy, but something is better than nothing, I did some yoga this morning as well.

Have a good weekend girls I’ll be back soon I pinky swear

And remember…





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