Personal Trainer

Hi All!

Today was a fun day. I had work with my favorite crew ever. Long story short… the dumpster caught on fire. Yikes! Anyways the other waitress I work with has a very good friend who is a personal trainer and recently bought sessions in bulk with him. Well she asked me to come, so today after work thats what we did.

It was my first experience with a personal trainer, kind of. Danny who owns the cross fit gym I go to had two personal sessions with me, one to test my fitness and another to go over form that we used in class. Anyways Matt was great! We did a skill/strength based workout. We also found my max back squat ๐Ÿ˜‰ more than my body weight! Not too shabby for not back squatting since this summer! Matt seemed really impressed with where I was at fitness wise. The girl I work with texted me later and said…..

( excuse the language )

We also worked on kipping pull-ups! A goal I have wanted to meet for a while! I wasn’t too bad ย for my first serious time trying it… Maybe one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also a new find I have to share with you..

Vega Protein Powder!

I have always been weary of protein powder, I never knew what to buy, or wanted to spend a lot of money to end up looking like a pro wrestler. I have had a lot of good recommendations and I picked up a few packs of these at Wholepaycheck the other day. My review: OH MY GOD… AMAZING. I mixed it with almond milk, and it literally tasted like I was drinking brownie batter. I mean who can complain about that! There is a berry and vanilla flavor. I want to try those before I decide what I want to invest in, I have little doubt that the chocolate is what I’ll settle on. For less than one gram of sugar I’ll take it. I may grab a few berry flavor to mix for a quick breakfast since it does get a little tough at school to get a well rounded breakfast in.

Hope everyones weekend was fantastic. I’m totally looking forward to the day off tomorrow!

Do Big Things!


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