A Day In the Life

Hi All!

Hope you week is off to a fantastic start. Mine is! 🙂 Minus the whole paying for my car repair fiasco but oh well 🙂

Yesterday’s Breakfast 😉 notice the tongue… this little pup has no shame

About this breakfast, thats gluten free bread from a local break maker we have up here. Oh boy was I full it was so dense. usually gfree bread is nasty but this tasted just like pumpernickel, only I wasn’t the biggest fan of the crust but I’ll take what I can get.

Also I have been moderately obsessed with minelolas lately, bigger than a clementine but have all the flavor and easy to peel, yes please!

Then my snack was…

Grapefruit! Yum Yum Yum so good. I could go on the grapefruit diet just because I love it so much, but I won’t. It also has great fat burning properties.

Then For the rest of the day it was a mishmash of foods since I was moving back into school 😦

But Before I left for school I fit in a quick For the Glow Method Workout Sculpt. I was the only one feeling it..

Someone else just wanted to snuggle.

I’m finally back at school and I woke up this morning soooooo beyond sore.

For my bootycall workout {bootycall: a term used by Tone It Up girls to call their morning workout, get up 20-30 mins earlier and move! }

I did a quick cardio circuit, a stretching routine, and a foam roller session. I feel a lot better, hopefully my run tonight will loosen me up a bit. I’m supposed to do strength tonight too, no idea what I’m doing yet but I’ll figure something out 😉

Have a Good Day Everyone!


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