Noah Built and Arch?

40 days and 40 nights right? And all the little animals came to the arc right?

Holla lent!
So basically, I’m not Catholic, but I’ve gone to a Catholic school since the 7th grade. I think lent is a great time to better oneself. So what I am giving up!
1. candy (seeyaa sweet tooth)

2. saying bad things about myself, and if I do slip up, I must find 2 good things

3. being much striker on no gluten

So 40 days 40 nights, these are all good habits I want to gain. You can do all things through Christ right? Lets go!

Today is a busy busy day!
I have to start studying for my huge finance exam next week 😦
and do some more homework

and of course hit the gym!
Today is cardio day! I’ll do my 5k trainer and hit the bike for a while so I get in a full 60 mins of cardio! πŸ™‚
Then I’ll definitely do an ab workout the new Amanda Russell one looks amazing and then I have a sculpt workout for Fine Tune February
no shortage of workouts here πŸ™‚

Do you participate in lent? If so, what are your changes you are making? If not, why not use this an opportunity to change for the better?

xox Do Big Things!


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