Happy Monday

Hi All!

Hope everyones weekend was fabulous!
Mine was full of restaurant-ness, and homework-ness .. yah I’m a cool kid.. psych πŸ˜‰ !

With such a busy class load I wanted to take a minute – or few in procrastination- to catch up with you all!
My Workouts this weekend ::
Friday! I ran, it felt good, got up before class and got a nice run in, before classy time and packing to head home for the weekend. That night I had all the intentions in the world of doing more, but I got sucked in a homework vortex and I mean, once I get started I’ve learned getting myself distracted isn’t the answer. … also I must let you all know, I went sweet-free all day! I felt so much better!

Saturday:Β I ran around in the restaurant all day.. that count? haha, I’m kidding. Only slightly. I woke up early and got a good circuit of cardio in real quick. Later when I finally got home after homework I did a sculpting circuit from Tone It Up, their Valentines workout, its quick and a killer

Sunday: Sundays are my personal training day!! Matt again was super helpful, we did some box squats (ouch and a half) and deadlifting Β and a cardio circuit at the end again. Then it was off to the restaurant to work a double, more running around like a crazy person.

Yay for a pretty fit weekend. I’m the driver of the struggle bus today though. So tired, I rested and now I’m off to study some more finance for today, I will be a happy chica when this exam on Wednesday is over with!

My goal for today: A run with lots of stretching and yoga based activities afterwards, I’d try hot yoga today but I don’t think my body can handle the heat today. And some abs and pushups πŸ™‚ I need a semi-recovery day after yesterday!

How was your weekend? What’d you do to keep up with your health?

To Look Forward To:
– Foodiepenpal… ah what is all this mystery? You’ll find out tomorrow, with two posts! πŸ™‚

xox Do Big Things!


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