Guest Post from Peggi!

Hi All!
Please welcome Peggi! She is the woman I send my Foodiepenpal package too. Her is her reaction and photos!

I received my “Foodie Penpal” package on Friday, 2/17/12 – I was so excited!! In todays world getting mail is a treat, especially a package!! 

Upon opening my penpal package from Jenn I was greeted with super cute cut out hearts with messages on them.  The white hearts contained my penpal letter plus explanations of each item in my box.  The red hearts included 2 recipes – one for protein pancakes and the other for protein bars.

  The protein bar recipe was a recipe of Jamie Eason’s!  What is funny about this is that I LOVE Jamie Eason and actually have her as a friend on Facebook plus, she lives here in Houston and goes to my gym.  So it is really cool that this recipe was one in my box! BONUS! 

Once I started going thru my box and reading the notes to go with them, I got more and more excited.  Jenn really hit my likes on the spot!  The first thing I came across was a can of Coconut Water, which made me smile.  I had been wanting to try this FOREVER, but never bought it.  Jenn made sure to mention in her note that it is a great after workout/run beverage.  I haven’t tried it yet but I have it in the fridge ready to go! 

Next came the box of YUMMY Nut Thins……OMG, I love these things but had never gotten to try the Smokehouse flavor and that was the one in my box… could not have been a more perfect treat to include in there.  They are almost gone already and YES folks I did break into them that day!

  Larabars were included and I LOVE those suckers……An Odwalla Bar was in there, which I have never tried, but am anxious to try it ASAP!  I relaxing tea was also included which I have never tried and plan to try soon J

  Finally, the freshly made honey roasted peanut butter and the mini pkg of Almond Butter rounded out my box.  I had never tried Almond Butter so this was awesome.  That day I did break open the freshly made honey roaster peanut butter and wowza, that is some good stuff….I was happy just eating it with a spoon.  I just got to try the Almond Butter this week and that is some great stuff as well.

  I have to say that Jenn you hit my likes right on the nose.  I REALLY REALLY enjoyed by box from you, thank you more than you know!!!!


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