My FoodiePenpal!

Hi All!
So the big mystery reveal… What is a foodiepenpal?

I remember in 4th grade they paired us up with kids from another school in the district as pen pals. We would write back and forth get to know each other and finally meet. I remember it was great getting little notes!

Then I went and worked at a summer camp. Mail was like the golden ticket. Nothing made you happier than having some pieces of paper in your mail box!

Now, I’m in college. I buy things just so I feel special in opening a package, yep sad. But I mean I live 25 mins from school so my mom isn’t too keen on sending me care packages when I can just go home for *care meals*.

Anywho, when I found out about this program through my friend Annica .. her blog… here. She was presenting her foodiepenpal box from last month. Linday over at   started this program. Each month you are paired up with a person, given their e-mail and blog and a $15 spending limit. You email back and forth and get to know each other and go shopping for them! On the 15th of the month you send out your little box of goodies. Ah a care package of healthy food that I can eat??! YES PLEASE. I was instantly sold. I think my major difficulty was finding a box to send it in… didn’t think that one out. Other than that I loved every second of it and so so thrilled when my box came. Megan was the girl sending me my care package and I sent one off to Texas to a women named Peggi (she’ll be guest posting later today hence why I told you two new posts were coming your way)

Here’s what I received!

First Off.. can we talk about how cute that card is. I want to know where Megan got them from. All boxes have to include a written piece, her not was just so pleasant and cute.

Rain City Crunch. um yum . yum. yum. It granola seeds raisins all i want to say it tastes like caramelized together. I would give you better details if I maybe kept the packaging after I downed these. Sooo Yummy

In Megan’s note she made the truest comment about Bob Red Mill G-free Pancake Mix… because no one should ever be without pancakes. Ah I’ve never heard a truer statement ❤

Lemon Curd. It’s really yummy I’ve never tried Lemon Curd before I’m usually a blueberry jam type of girl. But this is a perfect complement to my super dense g-free bread I was talking about earlier.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about my box!
If you are interested in participating in March, go on over to Lindsay’s blog and email her!



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