Let’s Get Insane: Day 2

Hi All! 🙂

Hope everyones day was fabulous! I promised I’d keep you updated with my new challenge. Today was day 2 of Insanity, and I am starting to see why they called it Insanity. oh boy was it a little rough today… it was Plyo Cardio Circuit Day! It kind of fooled me at first.. it was dare I say easy, then we went into a stretch I was like oh I can do this no problem. Then I was proved wrong for sure! The real workout showed up! I was dying, definitely needed to take some breaks. It wasn’t too bad but my legs for sure are killing me!

I’m planning on doing  some Nike Training Club stretch routine by Shawn Johnson

and Tone It Up new Self Magazine workout, the girls are running a 10 week self magazine series called Drop 10, Sign up!

Then reading some

Yeah, I hopped onto the bandwagon #judgeme… It’s so good by the way.

I’ve also been thinking maybe I want a kindle? Do any of you have one? Do you like it? I’m thinking I want the basic one, nothing fancy, I have my Macbook and iPhone for that I feel… plus when I real I should be escaping the web and social network and games ect.

Let me know your thoughts!


Do big things!


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