Lets get Insane Day 3 & 4

 Hi All!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day! It’s 80 ish here in MA my favorite! So first things first. I know I didn’t post yesterday on Insanity, but I promise you I didn’t skip it….. though it did cross my mind.

I hit the beach yesterday morning/afternoon. Obviously I can back with a wicked sunburn, no matter what I do my first time to the beach I always get burnt. Went for a run, made dinner, ate said yummy dinner (I’ll post the recipe later 🙂 ) and started in on my reading addiction, the Hunger Games. Guys this book is sooo good I can’t put it down! So good that I almost skipped my Insanity workout yesterday. But there is something about Shaun T that makes me not able to quit. I dig it.

So at 930 pm I did my workout. It was Cardio Power and Resistance. Oh boy, I don’t recommend waiting until that late to do the workout. It was a killer lots of jumping, and I was pouring sweat by the end of the warm up. However I loved it I had to take a decent amount of breaks from the jumps. I hope by the end of this experience I can go all the way through no problem! Thats my goal at least. I felt great and accomplished for pushing through and getting it all done, even thought it was late.

Then I went back to reading 😉

Today was Cardio Recovery day, which was sort of like a cross between power yoga  and pilates  I think. It was definitely a workout but I feel muuuuch less tight after todays workout. This is a huge plus since my thighs have been so sore I feel like I’ve been waddling around like I’m 400 lbs.

I enjoyed this for a little recovery meal 🙂 

Since being home though, I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing my polar watch while working out, I always associate it with the gym. I’m trying to get a little better so I can give you a calories burned during Insanity! 🙂

Off to go enjoy this beautiful weather by doing laundry and chores playing outside !

Oh big news! I mentioned earlier I am on the internship hunt. I heard this morning I got a phone interview with one of my top choices! Keep your fingers crossed for me! Any tips you may have please let me know!


Do Big Things Today!!


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