Lets Get Insane Day 5&6

Hi Guys!
Sorry I didn’t post yesterday….. I have a confession…. I didn’t do insanity yesterday. It started out that I was going out with my mom and didn’t have time before we left, and then I must have sad some gluten at lunch because I was feeling off the rest of the day. Yikes. I was feeling super guilty and even tried it but couldn’t get through the warm up, sometimes you just have to listen to your body. However today I’m not feeling to guilty about it, the program designs one day off a week, and I made it so its Sundays but on Sundays I usually go to personal training with Katie, so giving myself a day off wasn’t a terrible thing.

Today however I just finished. I was unsure which work out to do, the one that I missed yesterday or the one for today which was one I have done already since they are starting to repeat. I decided on the one I missed yesterday that way I’ve tried all the workouts once.

Pure Cardio. Yikes even Shaun T says this @#$% is bananas. Because well, it was. Hard stuff. I was dying I drank three huge glasses of water during the whole thing. I did take some breaks though but it felt good to get through it. I have said it before but one of my favorite things about this program is that moves themselves are fairly simple, nothing took crazy you haven’t done before. Which I love because that way I can focus more on my intensity rather than mastering this crazy new move. Sometimes old school does the trick.

I am excited to get back to school with this though. One of my roommates agreed to do it with me! Which is great because I’ll be motivated to push harder out of friendly competition!

I also went for a run this morning, which was so chilly my legs were itchy 😦

Off to the restaurant for the night!


Do big things!

Question: do your legs ever get itchy when you run, especially outside?


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