A Bunch In One!

Hi All!

Getting back to school has been fun after that beautiful spring break… not. But  oh well. I figure I’d give you an update while munching on my break fast…. not like theres much in my room, grocery shopping = much needed.

I finally just got some sleep which was fabulous about time after spending my entire weekend at the restaurant.

Sunday: after getting home at 1 am on Saturday I woke up early and headed to the gym with my coworker Katie for a little personal training… squats, wall balls, slam balls, burps, snatches, pull ups, kettle bell swings, tabata squats later… I was off to run around the restaurant all day all night. I never complain about Sunday doubles since they are legit my favorite I adore the crew we work with.

Monday: Back to Insanity! More Cardio and Resistance! This time I added some roommates. We had fun, we’re going to be ripped by summer 🙂

I’m off to prep for my interview for tomorrow! Wish me Luck!


Do Big Things


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