Its Offical

It’s getting real over here…

In many ways…. The first being its “hell week” at school, the week every professor crams everything in and assigns everything before finals. I have a nice homework list…

Yes Super fun, look at this take home exam, I think a small tree was murdered :

yikes, super fun!

Anyways theres another reason why its getting real. I have been talking about it for a while but I officially made the move…

All signed up and paid for! No backing out now.

I hope you all will excuse me if I run away from the blog world while I tackle the to do list. I will be updating with my goals for this week and workouts I have todays and tomorrows planned already and the weeks goals!

so off we go!

Atleast we had a little fun this weekend to get us through the week, friday at least!


College Eats

Hi All!

I have been meaning to write a post like this for a while. How to eat to stay in shape and healthy in college.

Usually the cafe is a war zone with food usually. Before I knew I had to eat gluten free, it was interesting. I luckily grew up in a home where my parents were fantastic cooks and I ate pretty healthy growing up. Some people I recognize don’t have that luxury. My best tip is to drink water at meals, and have at least one salad a day.

For me, eating is a little more difficult. Breakfast and snack food are easy, typically dorm friendly. Lunch and dinner are a little more difficult. Between my class schedule and work schedule its real tough for me to get to the dinning hall. And when I do make it there, I rarely want/can eat anything. It wasn’t until a week ago that I found a solution. I embarked in the produce section of the grocery store. Got lots of veggies; broccoli, peppers, cucumber, carrots and of course goat cheese. I chopped it all up and threw it in a tupperware and tossed some dressing in there as well. This way I had a nice salad whenever I wanted it ready to go. Lettuce tends to get so soggy that I can’t stand it, but this way no sogg issues 😉 This week I also added some quninoa for some protein.

There are ways to eat clean while at school, so don’t use it as your excuse!




Hi All!
 How are you all, it has been so long! In my last post I talked about how I was refocusing a little bit. Although Insanity is a killer workout, it wasn’t helping me towards my goals.

I am happy to say this has been going great! I have healed my ankle for the most part, although I am still running on the flat track rather than tackling the road lately, to give it a little more time to heal. But I have been loving it and actually felt better since changing my decision.

During my run yesterday I was dying. I was so tired and I just wanted to stop and walk, and something popped into my head. Apparently I get epiphany moments when I run. I realized, success is what lies there waiting when you break through your fears….. Powerful, I know. I think of that little voice inside my head routinely that is scared to do something. I’d like to think of myself as fearless, but if you know me in person, that is certainly not the case. So along with my refocusing in my fitness life is my mental life. Taking challenges and finding the success I want in my life. Everyday I want to find something good and positive and share it, and make myself happy and positive.

Any ways, I have been buried in wishful hoping for internship stuff, and loads of homework that comes with the end of the semester always.

Tone It Up Bikini Series just started this week. Its amazing. I did it last year, however I was not as dedicated as I would have like to see the results. This year is a different story, completely on board!

Let’s think positive thoughts and see our hard work unfold into our success! 


Do BIG things!


Hi All!

How are you all doing?
I think its time for a little thought. I have had goals since I started this blog, nutrition, workouts, and accountability.

About a month ago I started Insanity, and insane it was. I enjoyed the challenge. However about two ish weeks ago I noticed not my muscle aching but my joints, particularly my ankle. I did what I normally do, ignored it and hope it would go away smart  . It needless-to-say has gotten worse. At the beginning of this week I made the decision to shelf Insanity. I realized it simply wasn’t putting me on track to meet my goals. I want to run this half marathon in September. Since starting Insanity, I had kept up with my running, but it started to lack, and I was taking off running for Insanity. I definitely won’t be shying away from turning on an insanity workout on cross training days. I just can’t have it ruling my life.

That being said, my ankle is killing me. Yesterday I fit in my run, and I’m starting to think it wasn’t a good idea. So today I got us nice and early and did a bootycall Tone It up style and walked on the treadmill for a half hour with in incline. It felt great while going, but less great after the fact. So although I planned on doing a toning workout form the new BeachBabeDVD. I’m starting to think I’ll do a long foam roller session and yoga session this evening, and resting. Its healthy to take rest days, and since I did get light cardio in this morning I don’t feel too guilty.

I haven’t decided whether or not tomorrow will be my next running day or I’ll do the toning that I was going to do today and run Saturday. We’ll see how my foot feels 🙂

This is me standing here committing to my goals. I will nourish my body and keep it active. I will run that half marathon. I’ll be putting together a goal post in the near future, I pinky promise. Also I’m starting to take pictures of all my meals, and I’ll be sharing a promise. I am refocusing myself to my true goals, and not being swayed! I will achieve.


Do Big Things

Thought: do you lose track of your goals, how do you get back on track?

P.S. most of my interviews are over, just waiting for the word on if i go the job or not keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Lets Get Insaine

Hi All! 🙂
How are all of you? I have fantastic news, Insanity Week 3 is Complete 🙂

This week schedule was
Monday- fit test
Tuesday- plyometric cardio
Wednesday – pure cardio/ cardio abs
Thursday- core recovery
Friday- cardio power and resistance
Saturday – plyometric cardio

But my week got a little jumbled and this is how it went

Monday- fit test
Tuesday- plyometric cardio
Wednesday- Hot Yoga, I started pure cardio after, but I chose to listen to my body and stop I was feeling too fuzzy from the heat I think
Thursday- Crossfit! it felt so good to be back in the box, can’t wait to go back for good in the summer! 🙂
Friday- Cardio power and resistance + Tone It Up’s new Beach Babe DVD the ab and booty workouts on there 😉
Saturday- Plyometric Cardio

Not to shabby, not totally on schedule, but I didn’t skip a workout I just adjusted. I like to think thats alright!

Tip: don’t do Insanity post eating Tuna Fish for lunch, bad bad bad baaaaad idea.

Last night I made a delicious salad I thought I’d share with y’all

It was super easy to throw together:
aprox. 1 cup spinach
3 /4 strawberries thinly sliced
1 tbs shredded coconut
half handful slivered almonds
about 4 oz cooked tempeh

half cup balsamic vinegar
2 tbs olive oil
juice of half lemon
juice of half lime
pinch seasalt

drizzle the dressing over, toss and serve.

SO yummy, so easy. first time having tempeh and I liked it a lot!

Happy Weekending!

Hot In Here

Whats up all!? How was your day?

Here in the Boston area it was only a mere 50 degrees, but the yoga studio was much hotter. That’s right I finally tried hot yoga!

What do I have to say? Well, I loved it! At first I was super duper nervous, I have heard the first time is pretty rough, thinking your going to pass out or get sick. I wasn’t up for any of that. But neither of those things happened. What did happen, I sweated, and  like I mean a lot. But it felt great. The breathing was actually pretty difficult for me, I think I secretly hold my breath too much, swimmer by nature maybe. I think it can only get better from here since I had never been to a yoga class it was a little confusing but I just watched everyone to see what I should be doing. I went with my friend Britt who is an absolute doll I’m so happy I have met her she’s awesome!

Overall I liked the experience and will definitely be going again in the near future, next time with a protein shake waiting for me, I was STARVING after and I may or may not have resorts to a few mindless handfuls of mini rolls on the way home whoops. 

It did get me thinking though after watching some of the other people in the class. There were a few moves that there were more advanced options, and of course I think its okay to try and see if your body will allow you to do them. However, I noticed a few forcing their bodies into these complex poses. I think this is terrible. Granted I don’t know these women who I saw in particular and they have probably been practicing yoga more than I have any knowledge about. But, I read an article from Tara Stiles I believe about how yoga can do more harm than good and its about relaxing and moving your body in ways it will allow. Over time these movements may be more advanced. I think its important to remember its not a competition and to not force our bodies into some twisted position just to compete with our mat neighbor. What do you guys think? I think it applies outside the the yoga room too.

The instructor said something that really sunk in, ” When in doubt, breath more, move less” um wow how this applies to be all around. Sit back and take a few breaths and reevaluate to do our best!

That’s all for now folks. I just had a yummy dinner that I pinky swear I’ll get the recipe because its too good to pass up. I’m digesting then planning on doing tonights insanity later. Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs! Killing it today 😉

Do Big Things!

Thought: do you force yourself into things you aren’t ready for, do you think its good or bad?


After a nice little weekend of rest and work I’m back to the grind.

Insanity has been going amazing. I’m finally starting to see visible results, hoping they will become more apparent as the weeks go on. Today was fit test number two and here’s my results…

yikes went down in switch kicks, but an alright improvement in everything else. If I’m being honest I might have screwed up Saturday and Friday, so maybe that explains why I’m off. Back to the grind full strength this week! I’ll be posting lots too since I don’t have school Thursday or Friday … or Monday! Hooooray for catholic schools

I have been interviewing and career fairing all week to find the perfect fit for an internship for this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 I have an opportunity in my favorite city which is so tempting because it will give me a good feel if I really want to be there long term after school.

A little beauty for your afternoon

I miss this place

Whats your workout for today!?

xox Do big things!