After a nice little weekend of rest and work I’m back to the grind.

Insanity has been going amazing. I’m finally starting to see visible results, hoping they will become more apparent as the weeks go on. Today was fit test number two and here’s my results…

yikes went down in switch kicks, but an alright improvement in everything else. If I’m being honest I might have screwed up Saturday and Friday, so maybe that explains why I’m off. Back to the grind full strength this week! I’ll be posting lots too since I don’t have school Thursday or Friday … or Monday! Hooooray for catholic schools

I have been interviewing and career fairing all week to find the perfect fit for an internship for this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 I have an opportunity in my favorite city which is so tempting because it will give me a good feel if I really want to be there long term after school.

A little beauty for your afternoon

I miss this place

Whats your workout for today!?

xox Do big things!


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