Hot In Here

Whats up all!? How was your day?

Here in the Boston area it was only a mere 50 degrees, but the yoga studio was much hotter. That’s right I finally tried hot yoga!

What do I have to say? Well, I loved it! At first I was super duper nervous, I have heard the first time is pretty rough, thinking your going to pass out or get sick. I wasn’t up for any of that. But neither of those things happened. What did happen, I sweated, and  like I mean a lot. But it felt great. The breathing was actually pretty difficult for me, I think I secretly hold my breath too much, swimmer by nature maybe. I think it can only get better from here since I had never been to a yoga class it was a little confusing but I just watched everyone to see what I should be doing. I went with my friend Britt who is an absolute doll I’m so happy I have met her she’s awesome!

Overall I liked the experience and will definitely be going again in the near future, next time with a protein shake waiting for me, I was STARVING after and I may or may not have resorts to a few mindless handfuls of mini rolls on the way home whoops. 

It did get me thinking though after watching some of the other people in the class. There were a few moves that there were more advanced options, and of course I think its okay to try and see if your body will allow you to do them. However, I noticed a few forcing their bodies into these complex poses. I think this is terrible. Granted I don’t know these women who I saw in particular and they have probably been practicing yoga more than I have any knowledge about. But, I read an article from Tara Stiles I believe about how yoga can do more harm than good and its about relaxing and moving your body in ways it will allow. Over time these movements may be more advanced. I think its important to remember its not a competition and to not force our bodies into some twisted position just to compete with our mat neighbor. What do you guys think? I think it applies outside the the yoga room too.

The instructor said something that really sunk in, ” When in doubt, breath more, move less” um wow how this applies to be all around. Sit back and take a few breaths and reevaluate to do our best!

That’s all for now folks. I just had a yummy dinner that I pinky swear I’ll get the recipe because its too good to pass up. I’m digesting then planning on doing tonights insanity later. Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs! Killing it today 😉

Do Big Things!

Thought: do you force yourself into things you aren’t ready for, do you think its good or bad?


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