Hi All!

How are you all doing?
I think its time for a little thought. I have had goals since I started this blog, nutrition, workouts, and accountability.

About a month ago I started Insanity, and insane it was. I enjoyed the challenge. However about two ish weeks ago I noticed not my muscle aching but my joints, particularly my ankle. I did what I normally do, ignored it and hope it would go away smart  . It needless-to-say has gotten worse. At the beginning of this week I made the decision to shelf Insanity. I realized it simply wasn’t putting me on track to meet my goals. I want to run this half marathon in September. Since starting Insanity, I had kept up with my running, but it started to lack, and I was taking off running for Insanity. I definitely won’t be shying away from turning on an insanity workout on cross training days. I just can’t have it ruling my life.

That being said, my ankle is killing me. Yesterday I fit in my run, and I’m starting to think it wasn’t a good idea. So today I got us nice and early and did a bootycall Tone It up style and walked on the treadmill for a half hour with in incline. It felt great while going, but less great after the fact. So although I planned on doing a toning workout form the new BeachBabeDVD. I’m starting to think I’ll do a long foam roller session and yoga session this evening, and resting. Its healthy to take rest days, and since I did get light cardio in this morning I don’t feel too guilty.

I haven’t decided whether or not tomorrow will be my next running day or I’ll do the toning that I was going to do today and run Saturday. We’ll see how my foot feels 🙂

This is me standing here committing to my goals. I will nourish my body and keep it active. I will run that half marathon. I’ll be putting together a goal post in the near future, I pinky promise. Also I’m starting to take pictures of all my meals, and I’ll be sharing a promise. I am refocusing myself to my true goals, and not being swayed! I will achieve.


Do Big Things

Thought: do you lose track of your goals, how do you get back on track?

P.S. most of my interviews are over, just waiting for the word on if i go the job or not keep your fingers crossed for me! 


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