Hi All!
 How are you all, it has been so long! In my last post I talked about how I was refocusing a little bit. Although Insanity is a killer workout, it wasn’t helping me towards my goals.

I am happy to say this has been going great! I have healed my ankle for the most part, although I am still running on the flat track rather than tackling the road lately, to give it a little more time to heal. But I have been loving it and actually felt better since changing my decision.

During my run yesterday I was dying. I was so tired and I just wanted to stop and walk, and something popped into my head. Apparently I get epiphany moments when I run. I realized, success is what lies there waiting when you break through your fears….. Powerful, I know. I think of that little voice inside my head routinely that is scared to do something. I’d like to think of myself as fearless, but if you know me in person, that is certainly not the case. So along with my refocusing in my fitness life is my mental life. Taking challenges and finding the success I want in my life. Everyday I want to find something good and positive and share it, and make myself happy and positive.

Any ways, I have been buried in wishful hoping for internship stuff, and loads of homework that comes with the end of the semester always.

Tone It Up Bikini Series just started this week. Its amazing. I did it last year, however I was not as dedicated as I would have like to see the results. This year is a different story, completely on board!

Let’s think positive thoughts and see our hard work unfold into our success! 


Do BIG things!


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