Home, but not settled

Hi All,

Its been a while huh? I’m home, finals are done, and I have a few weeks to work part time and lay low. Recover, rest, and of course get my toosh to the beach with my kindle.

So what have I been doing since I’ve been home? Well a lot of it involves, moving a bunch of useless junk and sorting through what I actually need, what is trash, and what I’m donating. So far I have about two huge black trash bags to donate, so proud! As I’m getting settled, I’m getting back into the swing of my normal level of workouts and healthy eats. The workouts have been much easier to adjust than the eats. However I’m cooking up a bunch of stuff tomorrow! 🙂 Pictures to come!

As I prepare for the big girl work world so many things are crossing my mind. Am I going to be able to fit everything in? I need a lunch box. What exactly is business casual? How early do I need to leave for work? What to do for a gym membership? Ah all the thoughts. So as I’m sorting this through I’ll be posting daily with my cramming in my summer body. I am luck enough I work hard all year that finals week I feel kills me but I bounce back so quick I’m not too too too worried! I’m all about feeling my best!

Off to Bed!



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