Goal Setting

Hi All!

As summer gears in full force I think its time to reset those goals, let see if I meet them by the end of the summer?

1. Write on Here more: I really love sharing things with you all, and I want to get better about that!
2. Have a cute work wardrobe : I am starting to compile this now, and I want to love it, since come next year I’ll hopefully have a full time job, ps. if anyone has any suggestions where to get said cute work clothes, let me know, I’m in struggle city with that

3. Pull Ups. Yes pull ups, I’m back at Crossfit, and I want my freaking pull-up, without a band.

4. To have a happy fun filled summer, and a tan, and pictures to prove it must take more pictures

5. To learn as much as I can from my internship

6. Organized! Fake it until I make it, you have got to see my new planner, I’ll do a big post on it I promise!

7. Cut down on sugar, yikes this has totally gotten out of control!

Seven good solid goals, lets get to it!

Also my summer anthem:


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. Ann Taylor Loft is perfect for work clothes (business casual). Stuff is always on sale and it transitions from day to weekend to night real well. I’ve started buying my work clothes there because I can get more use out of them since they are good outside of work too. Also try White House Black Market, J.Crew Factory, The Limited, Banana Republic.

    When buying a work appropriate wardrobe, be prepared to spend more money per piece. Forever 21 & H&M don’t cut it in corporate America. You’ll want to get nice, stylish but classic pieces that will last a long time. It feels wrong spending $90 for a basic pencil skirt, but the idea is that you take care of it and wear it a lot and keep it for several years. So don’t try to buy a lot of cheap things because you think you need more clothes. Get a few basic blouses, skirts, dress pants, work dresses, casual blazers and flats. Don’t buy “trendy” stuff that you can’t transition from summer to fall. Start basic and then get a little adventurous and add more clothes as you get more $$.

    • Thanks Taylor,
      Thats what I am aiming too. I am lucky that I am the queen of dresses so I have a bunch of those. I am stocking up on some dress pants and a few skirts and tops and button downs for the summer, basic where everything goes with each other and a few tops here and there at are appropriate but not boring and plain

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