Thank God its a 4 Day Week

Hi All!

I hope you all had a fabulous memorial day weekend. I had a real relaxing one up at Cam’s lake house

but I was also very excited to come home to this munchkin

All and all I needed the rest. I even got a few runs in while I was up there, which was nice, but I didn’t put to much pressure on myself. Although maybe I should have… since it’s not looking like I’ll be able to run tonight…. because I have homework.

…yes homework. What? It was only my second day of my internship 😦 So far as  to report its tough, really tough. It’s a lot to learn really fast, everyone says I’ll catch on and get the hang of it and I sure hope they are right. I hate feeling like a moron. Although I will say, everyone is super duper nice. I think they all judge me because I’m constantly eating. And since I get frustrated I over hydrate so I can take bathroom breaks, whoops 😉

Anyways I went back to Crossfit last night after a whole week of being sick/ having a hurt back. It felt great. It was pretty much a new group of people too and I loved them all. We did “Diane” which is 21-15-9 reps of deadliest & handstand pushups  per round. My time was 3:13 which isn’t amazing compared to the best but it isn’t too shabby 😉 I probably could have cut down my time because I remember taking a breather.

Hope your week at work is better than mine!


PS. at least the clothes are working out great 🙂


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