So I’ve been at my job a whole week and I’ve learned a few things…

1. Not knowing what you are doing is so frustrating- granted I work at a very complicated company and everyone says I’ll get it eventually

2. Being given work without online permissions to access what you need for is frustrating

3. the drive home is my favorite part of my day

4. Pack your food! I mean being a health nut as I am many people understand this… my typical day looks like..

Breakfast – smoothie, protein pancake, or banana and choboni

Morning snack: almonds, apple, choboni, happy melts ( okay okay they’re baby snacks but the yummy and easy to pack!)
Lunch- salad, or I’ve been loving the g-free turkey sandwiches lately ß judge me.

Afternoon snack : larabar, almonds, choboni , air popped popcorn! J

Diner pretty much depends what my mom cooks I’m usually too wiped by that time

I’ve learned the biggest lesson ever though. My boss is so miserable, grumpy gills mcgee. But I’ve learned I want to find a job that I love and I love coming to work, I mean as much as anyone can love work. I think its so important. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, going into senior year thinking about the BIG job hunt. Is it in business? Is it in health… I’m not sure.

But! Who wants to see the cookies I’m making later this week 😉 from over on Courtney’s blog

I just got back from Crossfit. Let’s just say my arms are going to be sore in the morning… death by pull-ups.

each minute on the minute you do pull ups starting with one the first minute, two the second, building each minute until you can’t do them anymore/ fit them within a minute. I got to 13! I could have gone further, I wish I pushed myself more but oh well I can already start to feel it.

I’ve been trying to keep a regular fitness schedule. It’s be a little off since I have hurt my back I’ve been doing what I can! I want it to be fully healed so I can kick it up a notch.

Monday- Run
Tuesday- Crossfit
Wednesday- Run
Thursday- Crossfit
Friday- Run
Saturday-  TeamCrossfit — beach run if it is nice out
Sunday – active rest, working my double at the restaurant, sometimes I train before work! J

busy busy I want to start making some recipes for you folks and sharing.. I’m sorry I’m so busy and jumpy!

Whats your summer looking like?


PS. Everyone say happy birthday to the prettiest pup ❤


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