Get up Get going

Hi All!
Hope your day was fantastic… I’m currently starting this post at the office… whoops 😉 I may or may not be supposed to be writing a test script currently. I may or may not know what a test script is. Good Intern.

This morning I decided instead of my usual quick workout to get my day going, I was going to stay in bed a little longer since I’ve been extra tired lately. At the moment it seemed like a great idea. In the midst of getting ready I found an image that said:

“You’ll get more compliments for working out
Than you ever will for sleeping in”

Ouch, that hits a little hard. Tomorrow I shall be up bright and early. Usually I don’t have time to fit a long workout in, I save that for after work, but the 20-30 mins I do in the morning gets me going for the day it feels great. Usually it consists of a round of a TIU workout and some abs and some stretches. It starts the day off right, why I’ve been slacking I’m not sure… maybe it’s that 5am alarm and the snooze button is just too beautiful.

What keeps you motivated?

I’ve been really thinking about this lately. I really need some big motivation with this job. The long day isn’t the problem, it’s the long commute that adds two hours onto it. How do people do this for life? No wonder office jobs are notorious for getting people un healthy. I’ve seen it in myself already. I have become determined to make this work though! I bring all my food, not just lunch so when I want to snack I’m more inclined to eat my yogurt/ fruit than head to the candy bowl/ vending machine…. Let’s be honest it’s the candy bowl because its free.
My biggest motivation is how I feel, and how I feel about myself. I love that feeling after I finish a run, and I want to be able to feel that confident all the time. It’s the feeling when I’m at Crossfit and I’m one of the last few standing during a competition. Not that I’m better than anyone, that I’m better than who I used to be. I want to continue to improve, and staying in bed isn’t going to help me. I can do this, we can do this. Make ourselves not better than anyone, but better than ourselves.

I am, however, starting to get excited about this weekend! It’s almost Friday thank the dear lord, working every day since last Tuesday is draining, I’m ready for a relaxing Saturday! Starting off with a Team Crossfit WOD and hopefully, what I am most excited for, a beach run! Yes I’m going to try to make this my new Saturday thing!

I took a little running hiatus, not so much on purpose more like my back hurts so bad I can’t move I shouldn’t be running type of thing… I am finally feeling ready to get back into it. Which is good because I have this big race looming over me, I should start training for! Yay half marathon!

Tonight’s Workout:
(mind you I’m writing this at 9:43 AM)
Walk with Soph- I was going to run, but I see the WOD has some other plans..

Then Off to Crossfit Again! – I know I don’t usually go two nights in a row but my schedule got a little messed up this week because of my back
Tonight’s WOD:
1) 7 Minutes to warm up to a 20RM B.Squat
2) 3 Attempts at Max L-Hold (90 Sec. Btwn)

Partner Workout

1 Mile Run together, then complete the following workload in order with one person working at a time:
100 Slam Balls
100 Hollow Rocks
80 Overhead Lunge (45/25)
80 Box Jumps
60 Toes to Bar
60 Ring Dips


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