Happy Friday!!

Good Morning Beauties!

Happy Happy Friday! (Cue Rebecca Black…kidding.. but really) One of the reasons I love Fridays so much is the light traffic in the morning. I slept in, still got a quick workout in, and didn’t rush to get ready. I’m at the office at normal time, boooyaahh!

This Morning’s workout was:
Tone It Up’s Goddess Workout x 3
Tara Stiles Morning Yoga Routine x2
June Daily Abs πŸ™‚ (I found the calendar over on Pintrest πŸ™‚ )


I’ll be sure to take a picture of all my meals and snacks today so you can see what I eat in a typical day at work!

I am so unbelievably sore from last night! My arms are killing me since I had two heavy arm nights in a row at the box. By the way, never will I ever complain about last night’s workout. It was actually a really good one, I’d do it again. Only Box jumps sort of make me want to puke a bit. However, it was a partner workout, which meant I shared that workload with a teammate. We shared it perfectly equal, although she is much faster at running than me. My mile time was a little slow with 8:15, but hey I’ll take it because a year ago I’m not sure if I would have survived that mile. Thank you Tone It Up for lighting that fire under my bum. Anyways, back to why I’ll never complain. I shared that workload. The class had an odd number so Nick did the whole workload himself. And with overhead lunges he went over male prescription and used forty pounds. The group had a 30 min time limit, and he was just a few ring dips short of finishing. Like what, he’s amazing! Inspired me to push my limits and go further!

Do Big Things Today!!



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