Happy Monday! Time for a challenge!

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was good! I hope I’m not the only one dragging today! I think it shows too.. I’m starting to question my outfit this morning. However my hair looks great, the odd things that happen.
Although I debated calling out of work and staying in bed all day, I made it to the office.

This week I’m going to be doing Tone It Up’s 5 day slim down. To reset and get more whole foods in my body. Today is day .5 or meaning trying to stick to it as much as I can but I really need to go grocery shopping so some things aren’t perfect. I am doing this to hopefully get some more energy and clean things up. I don’t want to be depriving myself so for those who don’t know what it is, its not starving myself. Its wholesome clean eating that the girls have designed as a reset, preparation for an event, or to kick up your current plan.

Another big reason why I am doing this is because I made a big big big life choice. No more sugar. I’m talking all refined sugar. Naturally sweet things are a-okay! I’ve been finding myself eating waaaaaay to much of it lately. I want to stop and balance things out more. I believe this is a huge thing holding me back from the muscle tone I work for, and just making me feel overall not so fantastic. Now, I have a huge sweet tooth so this is going to be so hard for me, but better in the long run. I have little doubt that I’ll reintroduce things in the future, when I can manage and balance it. Right now, things are just out of control. I’m currently on day 2 of no sugar and I definitely am in the detox phase, but I won’t give up! I am going to stick to this hardcore no sugar for at least 21 day, the amount of time they say it takes to form a habit. So from yesterday June 10th- July 1st no sugar. The only exception to this, is the stevia/honey I put in my coffee/tea. It’s a little amount and I shall try to even reduce it. After the 1st in order not to binge on sugar I will plan to limit my sugar to reintroduce it into my diet but in small amounts, and even then I don’t want to be adding back certain things such as a bag of skittles. I need to be able to have balance, but I think a healthy balance will be okay.

What do you all think? Anyone care to join me? Anything that you have in your life that has complete control over you that shouldn’t?


PS. I’ll be checking in lots with this slim down this week and how well I feel and eat!


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