Because We all Deserve a little Hope

So its time to talk about something thats very important to me.

It all started when I was really young, in girl scouts. Our troop leader was/ is a nurse at children’s hospital in Boston. One of the best hospitals in the world for children. I remember one time we visited to collect and donate books to the kids so they had something to do during the day. Although that visit I didn’t see any actual patients, I remember thinking there are kids my age who live here day in and day out, because they are that sick. The thought brought me to tears, and I was in like 2nd grade… apparently I was pretty emotional. However to this day it breaks my heart to see kids sick, never mind kids with cancer. It just doesn’t seem fair for anyone to have the awful disease, but especially kids, it breaks my heart.

This past Saturday, I got myself up and out of bed to help these kids, in probably a selfish way, a workout. We did Crossfit for Hope. And by we I mean these beauties

The workout was crazy, crazy crazy and I loved every minute of it. I also had the privilege of doing it again this evening, although my numbers weren’t as good since I had an off eating day so my energy levels were shot. 😦 I love that I got the chance to help these kids and I want to continue in the future ❤ St. Judes, because every child deserves a childhood not a hospital bed.

watch and check out

Also a little update on my 5 day slim down, As I said I had an off day today, I forgot my salad at home 😦 so I kind of barely managed for lunch so that was a bummer. But I am down 5 pounds in just 3 days! Overall I feel great I can’t wait to give you all pictures on Sunday.

I want to put together a post on inspiration this weekend, so send me what inspires you! 🙂



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