5DSD & Tone It Up Review

The Results are In!
After my week of a 5DSD last week I’ve come to you with results. I lost 3.5 pounds and 1.5 inches J. I gained a fresh mindset which I am beyond happy with.

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Tone It Up diet plan for a while for you all so here we go.

5DSD was great, and pretty easy to stick to. It included lots of fruit and hydration, and didn’t stray too too much from my regular eating habits, which was nice because it made it easy to stick to. The exercise level was high, including a HIIT and toning every day. I broke this a little because I went to Crossfit instead of toning on some nights. All in all I loved it, it made me feel refreshed and help kick my sweet tooth as well!

The overall plan.


click here to join

What is it: its $150 one time, and you become a lifetime member. Since I joined there has been 3 updates and one huge revamp to the plan. Which I think is great because I have a jillion recipes to choose from, always coming out with more. It explains the whole essence of clean eating, and what types of food to eat at which times of the day. Along with their special metabolism drinks (bombshell and meta-d)

– The best and prettiest trainers ever, that truly want you to succeed more than anything
– Huge community keeping you accountable
– Lots of different recipes, ability to change things up
– Huge results
– You get to have pancakes! ( I mean come on girls, what diet has pancakes? )
-Its sustainable for a lifetime – this isn’t a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle one that will leave you glowing
– They have almost daily blog posts, to keep you on track not only with your meals and workouts but your mental health as well, keeping you growing and achieving more
– Most of the guidelines within the plan is about moderation, nothing crazy is cut out like fruit ( A piece of fruit never made anyone fat ) they do however encourage you to cut out processed junk, especially fake sugars!

– Depending on the day, sometimes my calorie intake in moderately low, but I just add something clean and healthy to up it a bit, which is encourage by the girls
– You drink a lot of water, to the point you pee so much your boss thinks your slacking
– People are going to constantly question how you did it!
– You are going to tweet an obnoxious amount about your lifestyle, meal pics, and workouts

There you are!



3 thoughts on “5DSD & Tone It Up Review

  1. I bought their plan – very expensive for what’s actually in it. I followed their plan to the letter for 2 weeks – I have no energy. I’m not new to either clean eating or exercise, but thought I was buying a good training program for vegetarians (can be tricky to get enough protein for building and maintaining muscle). It just seems like too little food. Something to think about if people stumble across this review.

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