Motivation Monday

Good Morning all!

Hope everyone’s weekend was good! Mine involved little sleep, making this Monday a little rough. Daily Need/Goal : As much caffeine as possible: Must. Stay. Awake.

A little weekend review

Saturdays Team Workout was a lot of fun.
It was a “pet rock” workout. Meaning while one teammate is doing work, the other is holding weight. In our case it was a 30lb kettle bell. By the end, my arms were hurting.
Between the two of us the following workout needed to be completed…
2 mile run
100 pushups
100 situps
60 burpees
60 pullups

And then we finished it off with a 4 min Tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) squat session. My max was 20 in 20 seconds, but my lowest reps which was my score was 15. Not to shabby.

Part of what I love about Saturdays at the box is there are soooo many people there. Some partake in the Team WOD some take advantage of the open gym. It feels like a big community, which I love over walking into the gym with snobby brats judging you every second of the way. Not many people will help you open and down coconut water while you’re holding weight ( not that easy might I add, thanks Coach Nick!)

Another part of Saturday that stuck big in my head was when some of the guys were doing max box jumps. Finding the max height they can jump from standstill. They had a box about 4’10’’ if I had to eyeball it. One of our coaches, Nick, isn’t the tallest coming in at about 5’5’’. He went to take a running jump towards the box, and the owner Danny had to remind him it had to be from standstill. Now a 4 foot 10 inch jump for someone who is 5’5’’ is pretty crazy. Nick preceded to go are you kidding I’m 5’5’’.
Danny’s response was “No excuses, Play like a champion.”
Nick jumped, and made it.

It’s a motto that’s been sticking in my head since. Who cares if I’m exhausted, I have work, and my workouts. I can get through them and just go to bed early the next few days. I will get it done, there are people much busier than I am, much more tired than I am, getting it done, and taking a run. I can do it.

I woke up and did some yoga and headed off to the restaurant to work the usual double. It was also a big caffeine day to say the least with only an hour and a half of sleep before

The motto for this week.
“No excuses, Play like a champion.”

What holds you back from doing what you need to do? What pushes you through it?

Do Big Things Today!




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