Yummy yummy

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday!

I have a very special recipe to share with you all today! Brussel Sprouts!

Okay, you need to try them, they are honestly and truly amazing. The restaurant had them for so long, and I would literally dream about these. They’re super easy too! Clearly, because I’m a baby cook.

– Medium heat with a skillet
– Add a little oil of your choice, last night I used olive, but I’m thinking I might try coconut oil next time. Let it warm up.
– While the oil and pan is heating, take your Brussels and cut them in half. (Try to buy smaller Brussels if you can, they taste better, but they’re usually easier to find when in season)


– As soon as the oil is hot throw the halves in, try to get them face down so they brown easier.


– Sprinkle a little sage in, and add like a little bit of butter ( not much at all I did like a half a slice of butter )
– Let the Brussels cook, letting them get brown and moving them around once and a while
– Once the brussels have browned a bit, add some apple cider, I did about ¼-1/2 a cup, just eyeballed it
– Then let the cider reduce down


Super easy, and super yummy!


Last night I added half a veggie burger to the mix for a little bit of protein, best dinner ever!

Funny story, Today at the office is a rough morning, and I spilled my iced coffee, how am I supposed to survive without caffine?!

Don’t let your morning be struggle city like mine


4 thoughts on “Yummy yummy

  1. Oh no… I think I would die if I spilled my morning coffee and had to try to survive without it! Hang in there girl! I am so excited to see your post about brussel sprouts because it is literally the only vegetable that I have never tried. I think I’m going to have to though because your dindin last night looks ah-mazing.

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