Happy First Day of Summer!☀

Good Morning!

Happy Happy Humps day! And more importantly, Happy First Day of Summer!!🌷☀

Its going to be a hot one here today with a high of 95! Woohoo, too bad I’m in the office, but you can bet I’ll be outside loving it tonight.

Tonight I’m headed over to Crossfit, which is unusual for a Wednesday, but Cam and I went out last night soooo… I didn’t go yesterday.

Tonights WOD:



2 Reps Every Minute, On the Minute for 10 Minutes



Chest to Bar Pullups

Weighted Step-Ups

Handstand Pushups


Max KB Swings in 5 Minutes

Looks like a fun one! I’m a little concerned about deadlifts only because every time I do them my back hurts , painfully, for the next week and I can barely do anything. So light weight for me tonight! Nick knows this is a problem so I’m sure he’ll be watching! I’m excited about the pullups though, mine have been getting better and better. I am using a lower band! One step closer to my summer goal J

Last night Cam and I went out, which is rare during the week since I wake up so early that I never have energy to see anyone during the week, I may or may not be chugging caffeine today. Anyways we had a gift certificate to a Brazilian Steakhouse in Manchester. The whole idea of the restaurant is all you can eat, and holy did we eat! We eat got a little card with red on one side and green on the other (red meaning stop, green meaning go)

Starting on the red side, we took our plates over to the salad bar. These make me so nervous in terms of my allergies but I kept it simple and stays away from anything that had or was placed near something with gluten, avoiding cross contamination as much as possible. With that the servers came over to give us both a piece of salmon. Wild salmon, YES! I’ve been wanting salmon for so unbelievably long but every time I ask they always say “farm fresh” ( farm is NOT fresh, small pet peeve, stay away folks from farm salmon! ) It was delicious, and Cam tried fish for the first real time and he liked it! The kid needs to try more new types of food, so limited!

Then we flipped the card to green. The green side should have a slogan, ready set EAT! The servers come by with all different types of meat :
· Filet Wrapped in Bacon (Faixa Enrolado con Bacon)
· Prime Rib (Alcatra) – A Gauchos favorite!
· Flank Steak (Fraldinha)
· Short ribs (Costela)
· Sirloin (Picanha))
· Lamb (Cordero)
· Chicken (Frango)
· Chicken Wrapped in Bacon (Frango Enrolado con Bacon)
· Sausage (Lingüiça)
· Pork Loin (Lombo de Porco)
· Pork Ribs (Costela de Porco)
· Chicken Hearts (Coração de Frango)
Those were all our options! I mentioned to the server before about my celiac-ness and he told me to stay away from the chicken because or marinades! They would cut off a small piece that we would grab with tongs to eat. One of the servers kept giving me the bigger piece and Cam the smaller piece, and we kept having to switch. I ate so much and it all was so good. And they had a gluten free desert which I mean since we were already on an eating roll, why the heck not!

Needless to say, we left very very very full and definitely got our share of protein! I think I’m still full, and will be for days! Ha

Normally I would be freaking out about how much we were eating, because it was a whole lot. But then I go home and I realized that it was a once in a lifetime experience, and that it was good that I enjoyed it. I shouldn’t feel guilty, but that doesn’t mean I should do it all of the time, but one time my body can handle it. This was so freeing to come to this revelation. I’ve realized my obsessing over food is actually holding me back from the results I want. I enjoy eating healthy, and I enjoy working out. Completely making myself feel guilty for eating one bad thing or missing a workout makes me not enjoy it. I have a few races coming up that I am training for and loving being back at Crossfit so I’m just going to love it, not force it and see where it gets me! I feel like this journey has come to that point to relate it to what you hear about relationships all the time.

“Once you stop looking and start doing what you love, things fall into place.

That’s what I’m doing, I’m just going to do what I love! I think that’s a huge part of what the Tone It Up girls always tell us, that moderation not obsession is the key. Unfortunately, I think I sort of missed that for the first part of my journey. But that is where my focus lays.

Off to drink ridiculous amounts of tea and water and intern all day!

Do Big Things Today!

Question: do you think being pinpoint strict gets you long lasting results, or just balance and enjoyment?

Daily Photo Motivation:



3 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Summer!☀

  1. Happy first day of summer to you too! I think that being pinpoint strict is important when you are making big lifestyle changes, like starting clean-eating or a dedicated workout regimen. Once these healthy habits become part of your every day life, then I think it is important to ease up a little bit and trust yourself to find balance and enjoy 🙂 That is exactly what I am working on right now!

    • You are absolutely right! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have noticed every time I go “I am cutting this out completely” is when I want it the most. However left to my own, I tend to live very balanced. I have to be convinced that I must be super strict, and I think that hurts me more than anything when I already have to be strict because of my allergies! I think the biggest motivation for me to eat healthy is when I get home from the gym I subconsciously think oh I’m not going to ruin it. I like going off of how I feel because I know I feel like crap when I eat crap. But telling myself that I can absolutely not have any crap, makes me want it more and that’s when I cave. So I’m going to treat myself like a grown up instead of a 3 year old when it comes to food. Pack healthy food for work, and enjoy life. I like the healthier stuff better anyways!

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