Good Morning!

Happy Friday, thank the dear lord it is Friday! I don’t think I could take one more day of sitting in traffic, that’s not even beach traffic.

It’s a little bit of a rough morning over here in the office. Maybe because 4 hours of sleep and 18 hour days run you down a bit, who would have thunk it.

I am feeling last night’s WOD hard core today. Which is odd because usually when its hot my muscles take the beating much more willingly. But yes it was another 100+ day in the box. Which means I was sweating just standing there never mind doing the actual WOD. Which was :

3 Rounds
400m Run
5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Back Squat
20 RM

3 Rounds 1 min Each
KB swings (26 lbs)
Double Under
Toes Through Rings ( Or V-Ups)

Yaaah. It was a good one. Instead of Double Under’s I just jumped rope, because I recently graduated 2nd grade of jump roping and am able to do single jumps without the hop in between. Growing up so fast , I know. I did the V-Ups just simply because all the rings were taken. The heat was a huge factor in this, I was honestly exhausted! I was going to run afterwards, but I was just too exhausted and in the heat and humidity I think it was workout enough.

I am planning on hitting the road today. I’ve been craving it so badly I’m excited!

I did however get this nifty little journal. A way to keep track of my WOD’s at the box. I am terrible with writing things down and remembering my weight I really want to watch my progress over the next year, I am beyond excited! It also has way to keep track of your scores for benchmark workouts. I like how it requires more journaling beyond just the workout, score and weight. Things like nutrition, sleep, and energy levels make a huge impact on how well you do on an individual day. And there is nift quotes as well. I like it!




Recently I’ve noticed I have been so busy to even sit down, which at the moment I didn’t mind. Now I’m starting to think it’s running me down too much. I’m missing out on reading some of my favorite blogs, and missing time with my adorable little munchkin of a puppy. I need some time to center and regroup. So I think that is exactly what I may do tonight, lame for a Friday I know, but it’s so so so needed!

Also I have a big announcement for you all! And an invitation! Who is in the Boston area?! Or Will be the 29th of July!?
Calling all runners to the happiest 5k ever…


The Color Run! Everyone sign up. I am officially running it on the 29th and could not be more excited. If you do sign up let me know, I’d love to meet you all!

Off to consider doing real work, who am I kidding, I’m an intern J

Do Big Things Today!

Daily Inspiration!


What challenges you ?

How do you keep balanced ?


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