Monday Mess Jumble

I feel like Monday’s never get the love. We always dread it. Not saying I was hopping happily out of bed when my alarm woke me up, I’m just saying.

On my way to work this morning I saw this fantastic truck the burial vault, with two coffins on it. I’m hoping it’s not some sort of sign ha!


Anyways the weekend was a little chaotic, but restful. I made the decision for myself that working a Sunday double at the restaurant isn’t good for me. So I gave up the day shift and I’m just working the night, which is much easier to get covered if needed. Maybe other could balance it, but I made a promise to focus on myself for the time being and I just need more free time with this internship and putting around the restaurant as much as I love them all, isn’t it. I’ll be back there in the fall but for the summer just one shift 🙂

Weekend Recap
Friday: I had maybe the most relaxing night ever. I watched a trillion episodes of Mad Men and read and fell asleep way too early for a 21 year old on a Friday night, it was beauteous. Hey sometimes a girl just needs to recharge! Lots of tea and snuggle time with this cute munchkin,

which she was quite mad at me since she hadn’t seen me all week since I was running around like a crazy women.

Saturday: I also bummed around in the morning, got some cleaning done and more Mad Men. Went to a bridal shower long enough to drop my mother off and say hellos. Then Cam and I were off to spend some time together. He had maybe the biggest beer I’ve seen in a while.

And we had some fantastic Mexican food. Most of which I’m still eating, and for lunch today too 😉 Love getting a big meal and being able to take it home. They made the guac right there in front of us which was phenomenal. I must pat myself on the back for Cam enjoying the Mexican. You see, when I met him he ate two things, chicken parm or steak. We’re slowly but surely branching and trying new things. Like the salmon last week, and now Mexican, and he liked it! Babysteps. (Maybe I’ll get him to like green juice soon, probably not)

Today is actually a kind of big day. I officially start training for my half marathon. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing, but everyone keeps telling me that I’ll do fine and be alright. So my photo post on Saturday was / is my motivation motto for a while! The training starts out real easy with super low miles, which is reassuring! Apologies to my friends in advanced when “ Sorry I can’t, I need to run” is going to become the reason I can’t come out and play!

With my miles planned for the rest of my summer I’ve been starting to think of one of the most important parts of my runs, the sound in my ear buds J Lately I’ve been listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast while I run. Which may sound weird to be able to run to people talking. But its so informative, motivating, and hilarious. I’m the crazy person laughing on my runs! However I think I’ll run out of these with the amount I’ll be running which means its time for a new playlist. What are your must have songs for a run/the gym? I need your help! Also, I have been thinking of investing in some good headphones. I was recommended the Ironman YurBuds and I’m intrigued by them They are a little pricey, which I don’t necessarily mind spending the money, as long as I’ll use them. Sometimes I find that headphones that go into my ears hurt a little. Does anyone know of a super good pair to recommend?

I’ve had a funky problem going on in the office, between 9-10:15 I’m starving. Which would make sense since I’m supposed to be eating a midmorning snack around that time. But when I say starving I mean sick to my stomach I feel like I’m going to throw up if I don’t eat anything starving. Its not like I don’t eat breakfast, but I just don’t get it. And sometimes the snack I bring just isn’t cutting it. But this only happens when I’m at the office, not at any other time. Weird right?

Well I’m off to do some interning, and researching I have a lot of big ideas and news for you all coming up real soon!

Do Big Things!



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