Tone It Tuesday

Happy Tone It Tuesday!

How are you all doing today! I have so much to share with you all!

First, jealous of who I got to snuggle with last night? I would be..


Second, yesterday I mentioned how I was feeling sick mid-morning but only when I am at the office. Like so hungry I’m sick to my stomach. Well, I think I may have found the problem/ solution. The problem was I was eating so early (6:15ish) and waiting so long (until about 10) for my snack.. that’s almost 4 hours! So the last few days I was having a starchier snack instead of the fruit I brought. Well I wasn’t making unhealthy choices, but they weren’t super healthy ones either to get that starchier snack. After spending a little time with the Tone It Up diet plan last night, I figured it out. Switch my meal 1 and 2. Have something lighter when I am getting ready in the morning. And bring something more substantial for my “snack.” This morning was day one of doing it. I had ¾ of a banana with some honey and pb2 this morning. Then I brought overnight oats to eat at the office. I also had my “snack” a little earlier, about 9:30. I’m feeling fantastic! I also think a bit of a problem was the women who sits at the desk next to me smokes and she comes in and uses her hand fan ( like the burlesque kind of, only analogy I can think of) and Fans her musky smokes sent over to me. While I’m hungry, makes me feel dreadful. This morning was 3000000 times better though.
I’m really happy about this find. As I said I was reaching towards a healthy snack, but not healthy enough to have every day, popchips. I started that junk food trend early in the morning and allowed it to continue until I left the office. I’m hoping by making this switch I can stay away from unhealthy choices. Not that I’ve really gained weight but I definitely felt it in my run yesterday, which I will get to in a minute. I was to feel clean and strong and fresh. Not the crappy feeling of eating crap that happens after your done eating it. We all know how good it is when we are actually eating it. I’m excited for this switch to make my body ready to take on what I give to it.

Speaking on my body taking things on, I was supposed to start my half training yesterday. I did run Sunday, I should say. Remember a while back how my ankle and joints were hurting while doing Insanity? Well yesterday after running the first mile or so my joints were killing me. Its rare that I run two days back to back, just to give my body time to heal. Yesterday I felt like I had to. I finished my route by walking, but I was so upset. However it’s best I found this out now, week one, that my body has limitations that I need to work within. So tonight I’m going to Crossfit and tomorrow will be my run days.

Tonight’s Crossfit WOD:


5 Sets:

5 Shoulder Press

Max L-Hold or Support


5 Rounds for Time:
5 Wall Climbs
10 Box Jump Overs
15 Hollow Rocks

After I think I will do Bikini Abs and Long and Lean from the Beach Babe DVD J

I will post my Half Training plan this evening. I’ve had one and when I looked at it I thought all the miles were so low. However upon looking at other plans all morning ( Not that I wasn’t doing work or anything… whoops) they are all about the same. So I’m going to stick with the one I have. Which by the way, speaking of them all being the same, they ALL have you run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday… like for real what the heck is up with that. Is it the universe that is only allowing me to run those days? Jeeze. I’m only ranting and complain because those are my Crossfit days. Which I am going to do.. and run Mon Wed Fri…

Okay I’m done I don’t want to jinx myself..

What’s your workout today?!
Have you ever trained for a half, if so any tips for Miss Newbie over here?

DO BIG THINGS! Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

PS. I’ve found that mid-afternoon I have some downtime here at the office so I think I’m going to start a new series. The “2:30 Push” some motivational pictures, funny picturess, things I’m loving that day to help break up the afternoon and give you one last push to finish the workday strong. What do you think?


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