Wednesday Fun

Good Morning Lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday, what do you mean it’s only Wednesday?!

Alas, here I am.

Let’s review last night’s workout for a hot second. If you can’t remember it was…


5 Sets:

5 Shoulder Press

Max L-Hold or Support


5 Rounds for Time:
5 Wall Climbs
10 Box Jump Overs
15 Hollow Rocks

We had a warm up of 15 hollow rocks, forward bear crawl, backwards bear crawl, and walking lunges x 3 rounds. Okay Okay so my weight on the presses was about 45-55lbs ( I sort of rotated to whichever was free. This worked because I think 55 would have been too much for all 5 rounds but it was enough of a challenge to mix in to work my way up! Getting the weight overhead without momentum is difficult for me, so it’s good we are working on it. For the “WOD” its was fairly interesting. Let’s talk about wall climbs are… you start chest to the ground feet right up against the wall. Push up, and precede to walk your feet up the wall into a handstand and touch your chest to the wall, and walk right back down that is one rep. Now coming from the background I did, doing handstands daily it wasn’t too too difficult. Getting 5 was, my wrists are weak or else I would have had no problem with it. So more handstand practice it is! Also, I can’t wear a skirt for a few days seeing we did them on the turf and my knees and hands have turf burn. Ha. All in all it was a fantastic workout.

On Crossfit, I just want to share how much I love it and why I love it. It is a fantastic workout no denying that. It’s a great way to cross train and push my limits physically and mentally. But that’s not the main reason why I love it. I used to think going to the gym meant draggggging myself over to the local gym with cardio machines cable machines and free weights. The girls were discouraged from the free weights and more pushed to the cardio machines. I’d go in keep my head down and my ipod blasting hoping I didn’t see anyone I knew. Of course with the small town issues I saw about everyone I knew and their mom, and dad. Don’t get me wrong when I first took a step to become healthy and start going to the gym this method worked great. But I soon found myself doing the same old same old and not challenging myself. Crossfit I look forward to go to because I LOVE the people there. I hate switching up my class time, which happens sometimes due to other life events, because I feel guilty missing my normal classmates. We push each other in a healthy way, and we laugh and have F.U.N. weird the gym being fun? It’s like another family to me and I adore it.

Anyways switching up my meals has definitely helped! I feel like a happy camper this morning feeling the opposite of sick! WooHoo for figuring this out! I have more energy and I’m staying away from the devil, sugar, for energy! Also everyone was super jealous of my protein pancakes this morning that I’m downing as writing this post. I always talk about taking more pictures of my food for you all, only by the time I remember there’s a bite left. Whoops. Maybe I shall make that a July goal!

The biggest news of the day: FIRST DAY OF TRAINING!

yippee (holy cow am I nervous!): Today’s run will be easy though it says 2 easy miles, since my loop is just a little over 2 miles I’m going to push myself a little further 🙂
I keep reminding myself I can do this I can do this. I say I have this fear that my body is going to get hurt but I came to the realization that my body was built for this. My muscles love the run and I have the build of a runner everyone always just asks me off the bat. My mind needs convincing, I will do this because I can. No doubt or anyone will stop me.

This weekend I plan on stopping by the running store to check out shoes. I love love love my brooks, but I’m going to make sure they are the right shoe for me. Maybe that’s why my joints were hurting? I also want to get a pair of shoes for the box, I’m thinking those nifty toe ones.. who knows 😉

Glad I have my paycheck spent before I get it.

That’s about all today for this morning.

Until the 2:30 push

Do Big Things

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