Wednesday Wisdom

Hi Again!

I apologize for my scattered post earlier, I’ve been just that, scattered.

I am for some reason really really nervous about this half marathon. I know I haven’t even started officially training but just the thought scares me. I’ve never run a distance like this and never considered myself a distance runner. Yeah I go for quick runs but that’s only recently. What if I can’t keep up?

With all this going through my mind I’m getting really anxious. Plus everyone wants to hangout with me and I’ve been saying no because I have to train. Am I being too selfish balancing all this with a 45+ workweek? I need social time as well, right?

Well I put the $$ down so I will run it. I’m taking a selfish approach working as much as I can for this because it’s a goal I truly want to achieve, and I need to get over my mental hurdles. I refuse to let someone talk to me otherwise, and I can’t feel bad for taking time to do this for myself! This photo made me think through all of this:


So a good attitude is what is going to get me through this. I’m sick of just talking about the idea and am ready to atleast attempt it.

Danny, my Crossfit coach, told me last summer “ Dead *Mothafluffin* last beats Did not finish with beats Did not start. I will cross the finish line, running , jogging, walking or crawling.

Happy Afternoon Push!

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