Thirsty Thursday

It’s Thirsty Thursday !

Drink Up! Grab some water, and some ice cubes and go to town. We should all be drinking half our body weight in ounces a day! Tea counts!
Here’s my hydration!

(I’ll fill the water up a bunch throughout the day!) I like to add lemon to my water helps curb my sugar cravings and mindless eating.

Last night I got about zero sleep, or like and hour and a half so I’m running on empty right about now.
How do you all function on little sleep, I’m Miss I can’t focus and chatty cathy. Hopefully I can keep this mindless energy for later. I’m planning on crossfitting today! Maybe a run if I feel up to it, but I’ll be happy with whatever I get out of myself today.
Todays WOD


15 minutes to 20 rep Back Squat


AMRAP in 12:

15 Kettlebell Swings

10 Wall Ball

5 Burpees


Max Rep Bench Press (3/4 Bodyweight)

Looks like a fun one. Lat week I squatted 85lbs for 20 reps, I’ll probably be doing the same today.

Great news is my manager isn’t at work today and my “backup” manager who is super nice says if I’m not doing anything I can run away early today. I’m probably going to take advantage of this mostly to beat traffic.

My body really wants to run right now so if I’m feeling it today maybe I will! J

I’m starting to get better about making food in advance to ensure I can have food to eat. Especially when I go away. I’ve purchased asll the ingrediants for a frittata and Brussels and quinoa, I can’t wait to give them a roll and let you know how it goes.

What are you go to make ahead meals that keep well?

That’s all for now ❤


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