So long June, Hello July

Happy July!

Where is the summer going? It’s going way to fast. I’ve been in a bathing suit once. Ah! Don’t fret though, I’ll have plenty of time in a bikini this week.

Thank god for a two day work week!

I told you all yesterday that I’d be updating today and then go MIA for a bit. I want to make some big changes to this blog. Which I plan on doing on my “week” off! So you shall be seeing big changes this week 🙂 , if all goes well!

Weekend Recap!

Friday: Cam and I hung out and cooked some mighty good steak tips. And by we cooked I mean, I made the salad and he grilled the tips. We wanted to go and see TED but we’re both old people and fell asleep and “napped” for way to long.

Saturday: I ran around like a crazy person with my head chopped off and did everything. Cleaned, ran (ran ½ of my usual route and was too hot so I walked the rest 😦 ), cleaned the car, got my car inspected…

Speaking of inspection it’s amazing how far a pair of shorts and mascara will get a girl, because my car probably should have not passed inspection. Then I headed up to my second home for dinner. Which was Salmon, brussel sprouts, and corn. My 2nd mother really knows how to get me to come to dinner. It was great company to see Kels ❤ .And then I picked up my brother from the airport.

Sunday! I had the morning off from waitressing, which was glorious I really needed the rest and sleep in time. I did all my laundry, watched Mad Men and it was just glorious. Then I went and waitressed for a bit at night.

All in all it was a good weekend to get stuff done I suppose.

As it is the beginning of the month it is time to evaluate how well I did on my June goals and set some new ones for July!

June Goals:


How’d I do?

Workout 5-6 day a week? I’d say I did pretty good on this. Some weeks it was more like 5, but hey I’ll take it!

Journal all food? Eh, I did about 80% on this, something I must work on for July!

Reduce Sugar? Definitely did this a lot. I get headaches now when I do have it. I’ve been feeling great! I have had a slip up or two which I need to balance more but for the most part I’m proud of this!

Run Run Run. Eh half and half I skipped a lot of planned runs. Something I can’t and won’t be doing anymore now that I’m officially training!

Work Hard and learn from internship? I’ve learned a lot since being here. I’m still not loving it, but I like it a lot more than I did

Start looking for fall internship? Yeah, I’m looking

Stay organized? Eh fake it til you make it? 🙂

Don’t miss Crossfit? I haven’t missed it during the week. I missed and will be missing this Saturday’s team WOD but for the most part I’ve been keeping up with it!

Saturday Beach Runs? Did not happen, must try again!

July Goals:
(since I don’t have spiffy markers at work, I’ll withhold a picture, but I will for sure be making one!)

1. Stay on track with half marathon training runs, mentally and physically push through
2. Learn how to cook at least one new thing per week
3. Juice more, I have this awesome juicer and I barely get to use it!
4. Stay organized
5. Journal all food!
6. Saturday Beach Runs
7. Read Econ book and get a head start on the report ( Every time I take a class with this particular professor, we always have a book report. I plan to get a head start on this report instead of hating life and waiting for the night before its due, which is usually my birthday!)

I think that looks good for this month! 🙂

Until next time!

Rock this Monday!


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